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19.2.2018 – Participation in the Humanitarian giant slalom in Mavrovo

From 16 to 18 February this year in Mavrovo, for the 16th time, the Ski Center “Zare Lazarevski” has organized the humanitarian giant slalom for amateurs. This year the financial assets collected from the paid participation fees for the event were intended for the Association for human-social development “Proekt srekja” (happiness project) from Skopje, an organization that represents the rights and interests of children and youth from the most socially endangered families.

The amount of EUR 10.000 collected from participation fees paid by the participating companies, according to the representative of the Association (Kristina Arnaudova) will be used for a summer camp (summer holiday) for 120 children from the poorest families in the country.


50 teams of many companies from the Republic of Macedonia took part in this humanitarian event with 150 contestants.


Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje was represented by 3 teams and 9 amateurs, out of whom 3 girls, 2 men in the category of participants up to the age of 40 years and 4 contestants in the category of men over 40 years.


This year was the most successful so far, i.e. for the first time 3 contestants from the Bank were qualified in final races (in the best 8 contestants), all in the category of men over 40 years.


The Bank’s finalists achieved the following results in individual category:

  • Kire Soleski – 3rd place
  • Nebojsha Bozhinoski – 6th place
  • Robert Uroshevikj – 7th place.


By their participation in the humanitarian event in Mavrovo, the Bank’s employees once again expressed their strong determination to give support to organizations and individuals in need.


09.01.2018 - Continued cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia

For eight years in a row, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje has been realizing a fruitful cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia,  being included in  realization of the Project “Podobra socijalizacija na decata i mladite so posebni potrebi” (Better socialization of children and juveniles with special needs).

The main motive for joining this project is to allow the children and youth with special needs develop healthy spirit and creative capacity, additionally educate and fully integrate in our society.

Continuation of cooperation with the Red Cross and support to this project confirm our efforts for a long-term and systematic approach to improving the condition of vulnerable categories in the community, which is in accordance with the strategic efforts of the Bank in the field of social responsibility.

We all believe in a better future, however, to look at the future means to accept the responsibility for what is nowadays going on in the society, to boost changes – both in our industry and in the society. It is aim of each company and each individual to live in harmony with themselves and their environment, which requires responsibility for each action and decision, either professional or personal.

13.02.2018 - Komercijalna Banka General Sponsor of the Strumica Carnival

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, traditionally,once again this year shall support the manifestation of the carnival in Strumica as General Sponsor. The Carnival is  going to be held within the "Trimeri festivities" (the festival of engaged girls). More than 2,500 masked people are going to take part in the carnival procession attracting more than thirty thousand visitors from Macedonia and neighboring countries.

Officially, the carnival party is going to start on 16 February 2018 with the election of a prince and princess of the Strumica Carnival. The prince and princess together with the king of the Strumica Carnival are going to be on the head of the big carnival procession on 16 February 2018 in the main international carnival night, thus signifying the beginning of this year carnival parade. This carnival is one of the most renowned carnivals in the Balkans and Europe.

15.02.2018 – Vitaminka bought the property of “Brilijant” Shtip for EUR 7.3 million

Today, “Vitaminka” and Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje signed an agreement for sale/purchase of the real estate of “Brilijant” from Shtip. “Vitaminka” AD Prilep shall acquire title on real estate, buildings of 4.956m2 and land with ownership right thereon of 21.952m2, movables and transfer of rights on industrial property (trademarks and industrial design), all in total assessed value of EUR 7,300,000 in denar counter value.
The purpose of the subject investment is to provide a raw materials base for production and strengthening the Company on the leading position in the food industry in Macedonia. “The execution of the agreement today shall mean the start in undertaking actual steps in the realization of our business strategy that will enable further long-term development. The investment is directed towards modernization and automation of the technical and technological processes, complementary and integrated production, as well as development of a new group of products. We are making a huge step forward, which means more and improved business activities of the Company, maximum utilization of its potentials and strengthened position on the market,” said in “Vitaminka”.
The representatives of Komercijalna Banka, as seller, gave a statement on the importance of the agreement: “We are satisfied that one of the best Macedonian companies in the food industry – ‘Vitaminka’ AD Prilep is taking over the business of the Factory for Edible Oil ‘Brilijant’ from Shtip. It is our opinion that this agreement is of wider importance for the economy and shall be a successful experience in the promotion of the domestic production”.

08.02.2018 - Two awards for Komercijalna Banka from EBRD

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje this year has been awarded two awards (from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD).


Komercijalna Banka has won the award „Most Active Issuing Bank in 2017 in FYR Macedonia” in continuity as the most active bank in TFP (Trade Facility Program) in Macedonia.


The  “Deal of the Year” for KB/938” award is considerably important for us since this is the first time to be given to Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, and refers to the overall region (Europe, Asia, Africa) where EBRD is present.  Thereby Komercijalna Banka has become a part of the worldwide known family of the international experts for trade financing. „Deal of the year”  – is an award that is awarded by EBRD every year as from 2000 in the following three categories:

  •  „Deal of the year for energy efficiency”;
  •  „Deal of the year for social impact”;
  •  „Deal of the year – overall impact”;


Komercijalna Banka is winner of the „Deal of the year- overall impact” award for a letter of credit transaction including two countries, active in the international trade (trade finance)  and two banks which are operatively involved in EBRD -TFP as issuing and confirming banks.


Since the confirmed transferable letters of credit require a higher degree of specific professional knowledge and experience, with this award, the team of documentary operations of KB with it expertise became internationally renowned.