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29.03.2011 Notification for the Bank’s working hours on 31.03.2011

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje notifies its clients that 31.03.2011 shall be non-working day because of the “TREE DAY – SPRING 2011” event.


However, the Bank shall provide on duty city-branches for any eventual urgent needs of the clients, as follows:


         - the working hours of the Bank’s Head Office counters, its branches and city-branches throughout the country shall be until 16:30;

         - the working hours of the city-branches in Skopje – Gjorche Petrov, Leptokarija, Bunjakovec, Kapishtec, 11 Oktomvri, Avtokomanda, Cvetan Dimov, Madzari and Biser shall be until 13:30;

         - the working hours of the city-branch GTC in Skopje shall be until 14:30;

         - the E-banking service on 31.03.2011 shall be available until 16:30.

25.2.2015 – KBC Bank Belgium awarded Komercijalna Banka

KBC Bank Belgium awarded Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje for excellence in performing international payment for 2014 – Euro STP Excellence Award.


Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje managed to achieve 99.05% processing of payment orders without manual intervention, which is extremely high success.


This is one more confirmation that the efforts made by the Bank in the sphere of international payments for its clients allow achievement of extremely high standards in the operative processes.


In the course of 2014, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje executed 70988 payments through the international payment system.



24.02.2015 – First place for Komercijalna Banka in the category of veterans on the humanitarian giant slalom

From 20 to 22 February this year in Mavrovo for the 13th time the Ski Center “Zare Lazarevski” has organized the humanitarian giant slalom with the motto “Humanitarian support of amateurs to the professionals”. Financial assets collected from the paid participation fees for the event were intended for support to 26 athletes from the Special Olympics of Macedonia for qualitative preparations and participation in the special Summer Olympics that are going to be held this summer in Los Angeles, USA. These Olympic Games are expected to be the biggest humanitarian event ever held. More than 7000 contestants from 177 countries are going to take part in it.


58 teams of many companies from the Republic of Macedonia took part in the Humanitarian Amateur Giant Slalom with over 170 contestants (direct participants). Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje was represented by 3 teams and 9 amateurs. This year, our employee Kire Soleski has won the first place in the category of veterans, while our team of veterans was ranked among the three best ranked teams.


By their participation in the humanitarian event in Mavrovo, the Bank’s employees once again expressed their strong determination to give the needed support to certain organizations and individuals.



16.02.2015 - Continued cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia

Social responsibility has been an integral part of the business policy of Komercijalna Banka for several years now.


For the fifth year in a row, in cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia,  Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje signed an agreement for  realization of the Project “Podobra socijalizacija na decata i mladite so posebni potrebi” (Better socialization of children and juveniles with special needs).

Continuation of cooperation with the Red Cross and support to this project confirm our efforts for a long-term and systematic approach to improving the condition of vulnerable categories in the community, which is in accordance with the strategic efforts of the Bank in the field of social responsibility.