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29.03.2011 Notification for the Bank’s working hours on 31.03.2011

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje notifies its clients that 31.03.2011 shall be non-working day because of the “TREE DAY – SPRING 2011” event.


However, the Bank shall provide on duty city-branches for any eventual urgent needs of the clients, as follows:


         - the working hours of the Bank’s Head Office counters, its branches and city-branches throughout the country shall be until 16:30;

         - the working hours of the city-branches in Skopje – Gjorche Petrov, Leptokarija, Bunjakovec, Kapishtec, 11 Oktomvri, Avtokomanda, Cvetan Dimov, Madzari and Biser shall be until 13:30;

         - the working hours of the city-branch GTC in Skopje shall be until 14:30;

         - the E-banking service on 31.03.2011 shall be available until 16:30.

01.01.2015 – Notification for lower interest rates

 Starting from 01.01.2015 Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje lowered part of its interest rates on loans for legal entities, as well as of part of deposit interest rates for retail clients.
Thus, the Bank made decrease from 0.25 to 1.75 percentage points on the loan interest rates for certain categories of legal entities segmented by certain criteria appropriate to the risk profile of the clients.

At the same time, the Bank decreased part of the deposit interest rates for retail clients as well, such as:
- on denar time savings deposits for all maturities (except for up to 3 months maturity) from 0.03 p.p. up to 0.30 p.p.;
- on EUR time savings deposits for all maturities (except for up to 1 month maturity) from 0.10 p.p. up to 0.20 p.p., and
- CHF savings deposits (at sight and time deposits) from 0.02 p.p. up to 0.80 p.p.