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1.8.2015 - Decrease of the deposit interest rates for legal entities and retail clients

Starting from 01.08.2015 Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje shall decrease the deposit interest rates, as follows:


Legal entities

  • on denar and fx deposits at sight and current accounts for 0.01 p.p.
  • on term denar deposits and term denar deposits of pension funds and companies for management of investment funds from 0.03 p.p. to 0.7 p.p.

Retail clients

  • on positive balances on transaction current accounts for 0.01 p.p
  • on denar savings deposits and EUR savings deposits (deposits at sight and term deposits) from 0.01 p.p. to 0.60 p.p.
  • fx savings deposits (deposits at sight and term deposits) in USD, AUD, GBP, CAD from 0.01 p.p. to 0.10 p.p.
  • fx savings deposits (deposits at sight and term deposits) in other currencies from 0.01 p.p. to 0.79 p.p.

25.06.2015 – Replacement of the existing and issuance of new transit customs letters of guarantee

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is the first bank in the Republic of Macedonia which is ready to replace the existing and to issue new transit customs guarantees, since through its good business contacts and associates from its dispersed network of correspondent banks had met the requirement for establishing agents in all member states of the transit convention, i.e. addresses for the needs of submitting requests for collection of guarantees and appropriate documentation as per terms of the guarantees prescribed in the Convention on a common transit procedure.


As from 1 July 2015, Republic of Macedonia shall become a full member of the Convention on a common transit procedure, thus becoming the first of the Western Balkan states to join this Convention and being fully integrated in the area of transit of goods with all member states of EU, EFTA and Turkey. Accession to this Convention shall allow easier and faster movement of goods without delays at borders crossings and without submission of special customs documents in aach transit country.


In that term banks, including Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje have a significant role in the area of issuing transit bank guarantees to the economic operators which are the main actors of the transit procedure. The accession to the Convention has imposed changes in the forms of bank guarantees issued by banks so far. Up to now they were valid on national level only, while the new ones must be valid in all member states of EU, and at discretion in the states of EFTA and Turkey, the main obligors have business cooperation with.

20.07.2015 - Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje – 2015/2016 Superbrand

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje has been awarded 2015/2016 Superbrand Certificate in the Republic of Macedonia in accordance with the decision of the professional council comprised of representatives from the marketing industry, academic community, the media, the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Macedonia and holders of renowned brands.


Bank’s endeavor to create a brand that establishes an emotional connection with its clients and is recognizable resulted with an idea and concept in the perception of the people for consistency, quality and responsibility.


The Bank’s Superbrand of Macedonia for 2015/2016 award is another confirmation for the success of our Bank and the ambition to be the first choice bank for the clients who will expect high level services and new products created in accordance with their needs.


10.7.2015 – Notification on working hours of city-branches in Skopje

Dear clients,


Due to summer vacations the city-branch “Sudska palata” shall be closed in the period from 13.7.2015 to 14.8.2015. The nearest city-branches of the Bank are “MVR” and GTC”.


The city-branch “Ekonomski fakultet” shall be closed in the period from 13.7.2015 to 7.8.2015. The nearest city-branch of the Bank is “MVR”.


Thanks for understanding.