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20.09.2017 - ANNOUNCEMENT

Pursuant to article 158 of the Law on Securities Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is announcing that on 19.09.2017 the Bank concluded Agreement for sale of foreclosed property from SKOPSKI SAEM DOOEL Skopje, SAEM INVEST DOO Skopje and EKSPO MEDIA DOOEL Skopje, at a price in the amount of 9.720.000,00 Euros, without taxes and duties.

29.08.2017 - Recycling is prolongation of the life story

Within the project „One made - handmade” the association of single parent families “One can!”, being supported by Komercijalna Banka on 25.08.2017, for the first time in Macedonia organized the sale event  „Recikliranje, povtorna upotreba i kreativna upotreba” (Recycling, re-usage and creative usage). The event is a part of the project „Edna pravi” (One made), for which the skilled hands of single mothers transformed the donated pieces of clothes into modern creations. Thus, they want to raise the awareness for recycling as one of the manners to save money and to protect the environment. Komercijalna Banka and „One can!” have promoted an inspiration idea that the fashion can be environment friendly, ethical and affordable, while for the members of the association the most important thing is the chance to become economically independent.


The support provided by Komercijalna Banka in form of offered working premises and money enabled the creative designers with the skilled hands of the single mothers to make adorable stories from textile from the old clothes.
Recycling is prolongation of the life story