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KB Prvo Penzisko Drustvo AD Skopje


KB Prvo penzisko drustvo was founded after reforms in the pension system in the Republic of Macedonia, and its main activity is management of pension funds.

The Company was founded in June 2005 by Komercijalna Banka AD along with Prva pokojninska druzba from LJubljana (now Prva Group plc) and manages 2 pension funds:



  • KB Prv otvoren zadolzitelen penziski fond – Skopje (within the 2nd pension pillar) and
  • KB Prv otvoren dobrovolen penziski fond – Skopje (within the 3rd pension pillar)  



Our objective is to create value for the members of the Funds managed by us, to protect their interests, to provide security of their funds and to create profit with appropriate investing.



Working on achieving of its objective, KB Prvo penzisko drustvo realized over 306 million euros1 in KB Prv otvoren zadolzitelen penziski fond which is comprised of 197 298 members and temporary assigned persons2 . The KB Prv dobrovolen penziski fond - Skopje  has 12 742 members3.

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