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MasterCard® Revolving credit card for individuals

MasterCard® Revolving is a credit card for individuals that truly cares for the budget. It offers perfect micro-loan with minimal monthly repayment of only 10%.
Meet your new best friend for shopping.

Advantages of the card


- no membership fee in the first year;
- connected to a single account for payments in the country and abroad;
- offers a possibility for minimal monthly repayment of only 10% of the used credit limit;
- favourable interest rate on the used credit limit;
- credit limit depending on the available amount of your monthly salary;
- up to 42 days of interest-free period for the transactions realized at points of sale;
- enables Internet shopping;
- you may shop safely and free of commission at millions of points of sale throughout the world;
- you get additional cards for your loved ones, with the possibility of adjustment of the daily limits for each card;
- low fees and commissions for card utilisation;
- you can follow the statements of the accounts from your home, work place or anywhere in the world by using our Internet bank, mBanka and SMS banking services;
- easy settlement of your liabilities through the standing order service;
- 24 hour customer support, around the world.

Card utilization

MasterCard® Revolving Revolving is acquired at more that 35 million points of sale and more than 2 million ATMs throughout the world bearing the MasterCard® logo. If you use this card you can be with your money all the time and you don’t need to carry cash, to be afraid of being robbed, of losing or having contact with fraudulent banknotes. More information on acquiring the MasterCard® cards is available on www.mastercard.com.

Look at the full list of ATMs of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje and find the nearest one.

For bigger safety and comfort when using the card you can apply the tips for safe usage of cards of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje.

Simple procedure of getting a new MasterCard® Revolving credit card

Follow the following three steps to get your new MasterCard® Revolving credit card: card:

Fill in the short application for MasterCard® Revolving credit card and provide the accompanying documentation.
The application, along with the documentation, should be presented to the nearest city-branch or branch of the Bank.
You can take your new card within 5 days from the date of submission of the application.

Terms and conditions


creditworthy individuals at the age between 18 and 68


Interest rates

- 11.75% annually on the amount of the used credit limit
- 12% on the amount over the credit limit

Annual membership fee*





for the basic card

for the additional cards


for cards with approved credit limit up to 50,000 denars




for the first year

free of charge

free of charge


for each consecutive year

480 denars

300 denars


for cards with approved credit limit over 50,000 denars    
for the first year free of charge free of charge
for each consecutive year 960 denars 480 denars

Utilization fees


at ATMs

at counters

of the Bank

1.5%, min. 100 den.

1.5%, min. 100 den.

of other banks in the country

2%, min. 120 den.

2.5%, min. 350 den.

of other banks abroad

2%, min. 250 den.

2.5%, min. 350 den.

* The annual membership for all types of cards shall be calculated on monthly basis, i.e. the account shall be debited in 12 equal installments. Debiting of the accounts shall be commenced in the month of expiry of the last paid membership fee, i.e. the free period of 12 months, depending on the date of issuance of the card.

The Bank shall apply proportional method for calculation of interest.

Contact person

Elena Arsova Begic, Head of Bank Cards Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-108
Fax: (+389 2) 3114-232
e-mail: elena.arsova@kb.com.mk