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Digital kiosks


You can now pay your public services bills at the digital kiosks of Komercijalna Banka free of charge, without visiting the Bank’s counters and by a card from any bank. Through these digital kiosks we offer you the advantages of the digital financial world, while you save your time and money.


This unique and modern solution enables you to make payments free of charge, fast and at any part of the day (24/7) under your public services bills to:


  • EVN
  • BEG
  • Telekom
  • А1
  • Тelekabel


Make payments under your public services bills in a simple and secure way, guided by the application that will be displayed on the screen. You will complete the payment quickly because the application only asks you to:


  • Scan a barcode or enter an invoice / account number manually
  • Insert a bank card into the reader or tap the card to the reader if it has an option for contactless payment


At the end, you will receive a printed confirmation for the successfully completed transaction.


Another privilege that the digital kiosks provide to the Bank’s clients – individuals who have subscription to the Internet Bank of Komercijalna Banka is that they can print statements of their transaction accounts.

The number of digital kiosks of Komercijalna Banka is constantly increasing.

Digital kiosks are currently available at the following locations:


  • Digital city-branch located at Makedonija street in Skopje
  • GTC city-branch Skopje
  • Biser city-branch Skopje
  • Bunjakovec city-branch Skopje
  • Leptokarija city-branch Skopje
  • Kapishtec city-branch Skopje
  • Debar city-branch Debar

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