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mBanka mobile application


Download the free mobile application – mBanka of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje on your smart phone or tablet and enjoy having a virtual city-branch anytime and anywhere with you.



мБанка за физички лица на app store мБанка за физички лица на app store мБанка за физички лица на app store


What is mBanka?


mBanka is free mobile phone and tablet application, which provides easy and secure access to most of the services of Komercijalna Banka intended for retail clients.


The application enables you having insight in your bank accounts, savings deposits or bank cards, making simple and secure transfers of funds and get informed of all products and services intended to retail clients. All you need is mobile phone or tablet and Internet connection.


mBanka application enables:

  • having insight in the balance and turnover on the transaction accounts (both FX and in denars)
  • having insight in the balance and turnover on credit cards
  • having insight in the balance and turnover on savings accounts (both FX and in denars)
  • having insight in the balance of the loans approved
  • paying bills and transfer of funds from a transaction account to other accounts, free of charge or with over 60% lower fees than the ones charged at counters
  • purchase/sale of foreign currencies (cashless)
  • transfer of funds from a client’s sight deposits savings account to client’s transaction account
  • change of the daily and monthly limits on debit and credit cards
  • free of charge notifications on inflows and outflows on transaction accounts and cards
  • online application for a consumer loan
  • locating the closest ATM or city-branch and travelling route thereto
  • information on FX rates
  • calculator for loans, savings deposits and purchase/sale of foreign currencies
  • information and news on the Bank’s products and services intended for retail clients
  • demo user option enabled etc.



How to use mBanka?


The application may be downloaded free from App Store (with iOS version 7 or upper) and Google Play (with Android version 4.1 or upper) and Huawei AppGalery (with Android version 4.4 or upper). The use of this application is preconditioned by having Internet connection.


If you already use the Internet Bank services of Komercijalna Banka you may immediately register your mobile phone (it is made once and without going to the Bank and concluding new agreement) and start using all application functions. That means that you will have insight in your accounts and bank cards, you can realize transactions from your bank account and will have access to all information on the products and services of Komercijalna Banka. 


The application is available even if you are not using the Internet Bank. In that case, the publicly available information on our products and services, geolocation services for finding the closest ATM or city-branch/branch of Komercijalna Banka, information on the applicable exchange rates, etc., shall be available at any time. Use the demo user to check the access to services related to having insight in the account balance, making payments and transfers, and you can see that the application is simple and friendly for use.


For easy log on and use, please read the guidelines provided below. All other details regarding the use of application are part of the General Conditions.



Safety and simplicity


Mobile application mBanka uses the latest solutions that simultaneously offer simple use of the banking services and highest level of safety for the clients.


The access to the balance and turnover on your accounts, as well as the payments and transfers may be carried out by using a PIN chosen by you. It means that there is no need for username and password or carrying security token or security codes with you.


For better user safety, the application offers maximum daily and monthly turnover limits. They are changeable, depending on your needs.


Currently, this application is the only one in the country that provides specifically adjusted interface for tablets, offering optimum utilization of the screen area and easy navigation and access to the respective services.



Device registration for accounts monitoring


In order to have insight in the balance, turnover and reserved transactions on your account, you should follow the 5 steps for successful registration of your mobile device:

  1. With the first log on to mBanka from your mobile phone or tablet, use the username and password you use to log on to Internet Bank on your computer.
  2. After the successful log on, a digital camera will appear on the screen. Use the digital camera to scan the QR code stated in step No. 4.
  3. Log on to Internet Bank (https://www.banka.com.mk/) on your PC. Select “my devices” tab, mark your mobile device and select “activate device” button.
  4. Scan the QR code using the digital camera on your device.
  5. Create six-digits PIN for log on mBank and verify it.



Device registration for transactions


The realization of transactions through mBanka is simple, safe and with decreased charges.


In order to realize any transaction you should go through the following steps for registration of your mobile device:


  1. You should have authorization for carrying out transactions through Internet Bank for the respective transaction account
  2. You should have valid list of codes (free option) or token with digital certificate for realization of transfers through Internet Bank
  3. Log in to Internet Bank and in “My devices” select your device and click “Enable transactions and change limits”.
  4. Set daily and monthly limits for PP30 for the selected device at your discretion or accept the maximum allowed values defined by the Bank.
  5. Verify your selection by the list of codes or the token you have.
  6. Log in again to your mobile device and you can start using this service.


For any help needed, please see the video guidelines for registration of your mobile phone and tablet.


Wherever you are, your Internet Bank will always be with you.


For any technical problems or ambiguities, please contact Internet Bank support center:

Tel.: (02) 3296-800 
(Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 19:00, Saturday: 08:00 - 14:00)
E-mail: support@kb.com.mk


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