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Bank – custodian, deposit bank of pension and investment funds

This service was a consecutive phase in the continuing development of custodian operations in the spirit of the strategic orientation of the Bank to be a leader in the creation of new financial products and services, being affirmation and strengthening of its image.

In 2008, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje began conducting the activities of a depository bank investment funds and it performs this activity for 3 investments fund registered in the Republic of Macedonia.

Since 2009, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje has been a custodian of the first voluntary pension fund, and once conditions be created for the change of custodian of the mandatory pension funds, the Bank, as one of the leading banks in the area of custodian activities, become custodian of one of the mandatory pension funds registered in the Republic of Macedonia.

According to its legal and contractual obligations, the Bank offers a wide range of services for investment and pension funds, including:
  • Custodian of investment and pension funds, opening and keeping accounts for securities and escrow accounts in the Central Depository for Securities and the Bank;
  • Settlement of transactions relating to investments in the domestic and foreign funds, in accordance with instructions of the funds managing companies;
  • Realization of other instructions for the funds managing companies provided that they are not contrary to law regulation and / or prospectus and the statute of the fund;
  • Check the calculated value of net assets of the funds;
  • Notification of the funds managing companies for corporate events arising from the ownership of securities of the fund and the execution of instructions resulting from these events;
  • Collection of all revenue and other rights due in favour of the funds, arising from their property;
  • Reporting pursuant to law regulations, by-laws and agreement.

The above mentoned services, depending on the type of the fund may be supplemented by additional services, in accordance with law regulations, as well as specific needs and requests of individual customers.

The focus of the operations of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is to offer quality services as well as continuous conditions upgrading of its set standards, thus making efforts to ensure adequate service to existing and potential clients.

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