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Main information on loans to individuals

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje approves loans with identified and non-identified purposes to citizens – residents of the Republic of Macedonia. Loans are disbursed in denars.


At maturity of the last annuity the Borrower should not be older than 70 years, except for the loans that are fully covered by a deposit deposited in the Bank and for loans for pensioners. Also, at maturity of the last annuity the age of the guarantors should not exceed 62 – for women and 64 – for men.


As at the date of loan application submission, the loan applicants and the guarantors should not have any outstanding liabilities under other loans approved by the Bank.


Loan applications can be taken and submitted in Skopje – in the Bank’s Head Office and in the branches and city-branches throughout the country.


Depending on the purpose of the loan, funds are paid on the transaction account of the applicant, or, on the transaction account of the seller. 


The Bank charges its clients for processing of the loan application, for approval and administration of the loan and for the grace period interest for the period from the date of disbursement to the date of commencement of repayment with the interest rate set for the approved loan.


Loans are repaid in equal monthly installments becoming due each 16th day of the month. 

For the loans secured by mortgage on real estate and movables, an Insurance Policy for the property assigned in favor of the Bank has to be provided for the whole loan repayment period.

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