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Purchase/sale of FX payment assets


The purchase/sale of foreign currencies for denars by legal entities – residents and non-residents (internal fx market) is made by quoting of applicable market exchange rates and includes:


  • prompt purchase/sale of foreign currencies for denars
  • term purchase/sale of foreign currencies for denars


The purchase/sale of foreign currencies is available each business day 9:00 – 16:00. 


Purchase and sale order forms are send by fax at: (02) 3113-228 and (02) 3213-425 or by e-mail at:

The purchase and sale of foreign currencies shall be negotiated with the Bank’s officers by phone at: (02) 3247-410 – recorded call and (02) 3247-413, (02) 3247-414, (02) 3247-415, (02) 3247-416, (02) 3247-417, (02) 3247-418.

The negotiated transaction is verified by sending the prescribed form – prompt fx purchase/sale agreement and term fx purchase/sale agreement by fax: (02) 3113-228, (02) 3213-425 or by e-mail:


Purchase and sale of foreign currency for denars in direct contact can be carried out at the Bank's Head Office in Skopje, in branches and city-branch offices with expanded services .


The internal fx market services are also available through Internet Bank.


KomBanker platform for online FX trading


Komercijalna Banka introduced new e-platform KomBanker intended for FX trading at the Bank’s internal FX market. The platform enables the legal entities to realize online trading in real time and in any currency from the Bank’s List of Exchange Rates. 


An Internet connection through your PC is only required for the use of the platform.


For more information on KomBanker platform and its downloading please call: (02) 3247-410.

Contact person

Violeta Veljanoska
Phone: (+389 2) 3169-473; (+389 70) 415-225
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