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Internet Bank for legal entities


The Internet Bank service for legal entities is a modern technical solution by which we meet your sophisticated needs and bring our services closer to you. Through the Internet Bank, you can use a wide range of banking services anywhere in the world, at any time, 24 hours a day, regardless of the working hours of the Bank.


Internet Bank is a service by means of which you need not to go to the Bank’s counters and you are provided with:


  • quick and effective execution of digitally signed financial transactions;
  • simple use – User Guide for Internet Bank
  • maximal safety and protection – Rules of operation;
  • use of the free mobile application mBankaCo;
  • check of the account balance and printing statements of accounts for denar and foreign currency accounts;
  • check of the account balance and printing statements of accounts for MasterCard® and Visa business cards;
  • administration of daily and periodic limits for business cards for legal entities – Guidelines.
  • Check of the account balance of time deposits

  • NEW: For improvement of your security in the cash withdrawal activities, you are now allowed the possibility through the Internet Bank to sign a cash payout order form -  PP40 and to appoint the person to take the cash at a Bank’s counter. 

  • NEW: For easy operation in the salary payout activities, we enabled signing of the PP53 order form without limitation of the amount, for signatories having been set limits to sign.

  • NEW: For easy daily operation we have created a possibility for giving privileges for creation, signing and realization of payment order forms by type of payment order form.          The existing Internet Bank users who wish to use this service should sign a new Internet Banking Agreement and Request for Internet access to information on time deposits of legal entities. 

All you need is:

  • a personal computer and
  • access to the Internet.  
Informations about the service, is available at the folowing phone numbers:
  • (+389 2) 3168-907
  • (+389 2) 3168-906
  • (+389 2) 3168-909
  • (+389 2) 3168-945

Information about the service, as well as the filling in the forms and application for Internet Bank for legal entities for legal entities, as well as phone numbers to arrange appointment for reissuance of digital certificates please contact: 
  • (+389 2) 3168-907
  • (+389 2) 3168-906
  • (+389 2) 3168-923
  • (+389 2) 3168-926 

For help, questions and technical support please contact:

  • the Contact-Centre on (+389 2) 3296 800, from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM or
  • e-mail address: .



Inclusion in Internet Bank system

free of charge

Fees for the first issuance of digital certificate

1,500.00 denars

Fees for re-issuance of digital certificate every third year

500.00 denars

Unblocking a digital certificate

500.00 denars



Internal transactions

  • from 0 to 10,000 denars

7.00 denars per transfer order



  • over 10,000 denars

11.00 denars per transfer order


MIPS transactions

120.00 denars per transfer order


KIBS transactions

  • from 0 to 10,000 denars

15.00 denars per transfer order



  • over 10,000 denars

20.00 denars per transfer order




You can see the complete list of fees for Internet Bank for legal entities at the following link.


Services to legal entities by fax and SMS

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje offers you an opportunity for submission of information for your account by fax and SMS. 

ll you need to do is to fill in the application for obtaining information on the account by fax and SMS, submit it to the Head Office of the Bank in Skopje or in city branches and branches throughout the Republic of North Macedonia and follow the simple Guidelines.


Fees for services by fax and SMS

Telephone banking for active accounts mobile message (SMS)

3 den.

fax message

3 den.

sending statement of account by e-mail

Free of charge

Sent message to a mobile phone for transactions on business cards (SMS) SMS notifications defined by the Bank

Free of charge

Contact person

Violeta Veljanoska
Phone: (+389 2) 3169-473; (+389 70) 415-225
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