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17.07.2019 – Komercijalna Bankа has realized the first transaction with securities abroad


The Department providing services with securities at Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, on 12.07.2019, successfully realized the first transaction with securities on a foreign market. Within the set out term (T + 2), the transaction was successfully settled by the Department for custody operations.


This transaction was carried out for an existing customer, for which the Bank processed and realized an order at the German stock exchange Xetra for purchase of ordinary shares. The total value of the transaction amounted to EUR 30,110. On 17.07.2019, the Bank also realized an order of an individual through Xetra for purchase of ordinary shares in total amount of EUR 4,678


By this transaction, Komercijalna Banka confirmed that it has established system conditions and legally prescribed procedures for trading with securities abroad for a short period of time by order of domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities.


The brokerage and custody services from Komercijalna Banka are available for performing transactions on any registered stock exchange in the world, providing all necessary information for the clients on the terms and the costs for execution of the requested transaction.


All additional information can be obtained at the following telephone numbers: (02) 3247-431; (02) 3247-432 snd (02) 32478-435 or at the e-mail address

16.07.2019 – Komercijalna Banka enabled online applying for consumer loans

From now on, you can apply for consumer loans of Komercijalna Banka online.

With the allowed online applying, Komercijalna Banka has enabled faster and easier procedure for all individuals, users of e-banking, having option to execute payments.


Thereby, the interested clients may apply for the following loans:


  • Consumer loan up to EUR 30.000 with EUR clause. More information about the terms of the loan at the following link.
  • Consumer loan up to MKD 600.000 without guarantors. More information about the terms of the loan at the following link.
  • Tip Top Consumer loan. More information about the terms of the loan at the following link.
  • Loan under draft without guarantors. More information about the terms of the loan at the following link.
  • Loan for pensioners. More information about the terms of the loan at the following link.


Once logged in the Internet Bank, the users may select this option in the menu under the title „Online апликации“ (Online applications).


In order to fill in and enter the loan application and the required documents in the specified form, the borrower should have a valid list of payment codes.


The Borrower may get information on the status of the submitted application through the same software application.

12.07.2019 – Komercijalna Banka sponsor of the manifestation „Galichnik Wedding“


This year, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is a sponsor of the manifestation "Galichnik Wedding", which is traditionally held around the religious holiday of Petrovden. This year, in the period from July 12 to July 14, visitors will be able to closely familiarize the vividness of Galichnik and the magic of the original Macedonian cultural heritage, part of which is the manifestation "Galichnik Wedding".


Mother-in-law’s dance, taking the bride to fill out drinking water, hanging the wedding flag, shaving the groom, kneading bread ... are folk customs that are part of the Galichnik tradition, customs that are in indivisible harmony with gorgeous costumes and the unique Galichnik ambience.


All this contributes to the manifestation of its uniqueness and unrepeatability. It requires its continuous nourishment and presentation, as something precious and sacred, which in fact expresses our memory and existence.

01.07.2019 – Komercijalna Banka has lowered the interest rates on the overdraft facility and on credit cards

We hereby inform you that because of decrease of the interest rate on treasury bills, as from 01.07.2019, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje shall lower the interest rates for overdraft facility on transaction accounts for individuals and for part of credit parts for legal entities and individuals.

The new interest rates are in details stated on the web site of the Bank for each product, and clients shall receive notification on the statement of their account/card.