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20.05.2019 – Payment of cash at ATMs of Komercijalna Banka

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje has enabled the service of payment of cash at ATMs. This service shall be available at 10 ATMs of the Bank in Skopje, in the city-branches of Gjorche Petrov, Chento, Madzari, GTC, Stopanska Komora, Leptokarija, Bunjakovec, Biser, Avtokomanda and City Mall.

This service is available for all individuals, holders of credit and debit cards issued by Komercijalna Banka. While making payments in cash, the ATM shall accept all paper and polymer banknotes denoted in 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1.000 and 2.000 denars. The proceeds paid are recorded on the account connected with the card with which the transaction is being executed.   

01.03.2021 - Campaign in Neptune for buying with a loan from Komercijalna Banka



It is time to buy and pay in installments and interest free. The promotional period for buying in Neptune with the identified purpose consumer loan of Komercijalna Banka started on March 1. It provides you the opportunity to buy any of the offered products on deferred payment in up to 24 installments without any interest.


Take this opportunity until March 31, 2021 to renew your home appliances with some of the products in Neptune.


All information about this credit product of the Bank is available on the  link.


Komercijalna Banka and Neptune offer you the opportunity for relaxed shopping and proven customer satisfaction.

26.02.2021 – Consumer and housing loan of Komercijalna Banka with the most favorable interest rates on the market



A new home, a new look of your home or the realization of your other wishes may come true this spring with the latest loans from Komercijalna Banka, created to meet your needs as it suits you best.


The non-purpose consumer loan allows you to enjoy shopping and less monthly burden on the family budget. According to the latest loan conditions, the loan is in the amount of up to 30,000 Euros, with Euro clause, and if applied for within the promotion period from 01.03 to 15.04.2021, it can be approved with a repayment period of up to 120 months. And, what is more important is that it has the lowest interest rates on the market at the moment - 4.7% per annum, fixed for the first 3 years, and 5.7% per annum, variable for the rest of the loan repayment period. These interest rates shall apply for clients who receive their salary in Komercijalna Banka. For applicants receiving their salary in other banks, the interest rates are 5.7% per annum, fixed for the first year, and 6.7% per annum, variable for the rest of the loan repayment period. More information on the conditions and the documents required for applying for a consumer loan are available at the following link .


The housing loan has a repayment period of up to 30 years and is now available with interest rates of 2.9% per annum, fixed for the first 5 years, and 3.9% per annum, variable for the rest of the loan repayment period. The second option is to apply for the loan with an annual interest rate of 3%, fixed for the first 10 years, and 3.9%, variable for the rest of the repayment period. More information on the housing loan are available at the following link .

25.02.2021 – MBA invites banks’ clients to register in the Beneficial Ownership Registry

The Macedonian Banking Association invites all legal entities - clients of commercial banks that are subject to the obligation to register the beneficial owner in the Beneficial Ownership Registry, to register their beneficial owners in the Registry within the legally prescribed term until 27.04.2021, in order to have further smooth execution of the payment operations and the established business relations.


The Beneficial Ownership Registry, kept within the Central Register of the Republic of North Macedonia, started its operation on 27.01.2021, which means that the term of 90 (ninety) days for reporting data on the real owners will expire soon. The registration in the Beneficial Ownership Registry is made electronically at the Central Register of North Macedonia (


Pursuant to the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, all legal entities that are subject to registration in the Central Register of the Republic of North Macedonia are obliged to register data on beneficial owners in the Registry until 27.04.2021, while the legal entities established (registered) after 27.01.2021 are obliged to register data on the beneficial owner within 8 (eight) days from the date of registration of the business entity being established.


The obligation to register data on beneficial owners in the Beneficial Ownership Registry does not refer to: sole proprietors, persons exercising public authority, budget users, state-owned legal entities, legal entities in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, sole proprietors as well as legal entities whose shares are listed on an organized securities market and which are obliged to comply with the requirement to publish data on beneficial owners which ensures adequate transparency of ownership information in accordance with relevant international standards.


Starting from 28.04.2021, the banks shall be obliged to check the data on the beneficial owner in the Beneficial Ownership Registry and to provide proof that a proper entry has been made in the Beneficial Ownership Registry for all clients - legal entities. If the client - legal entity does not register the beneficial owner in the Registry within the prescribed term, or the data in the Registry are not updated in accordance with the legally prescribed term, the operation with the accounts will be disabled / postponed, until the respective registration/update is made.

24.02.2021 – Press release - The misinformation and constructions of Mr. Trifun Kostovski against Komercijalna Banka are the result of his personal failure


As one of the most transparent companies in the country and holder of numerous awards and recognitions from renowned international institutions, including the prestigious award "Bank of the Year", Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje informs the public that all misinformation and constructions stated over the past few months by Mr. Trifun Kostovski against Komercijalna Banka are the fruit of his personal failure. Komercijalna Banka as a reputable, professional and responsible company will no longer allow itself to be the subject of groundless and false accusations.


Komercijalna Banka would like to remind Mr. Kostovski that his problem with Eurostandard Bank dates back to a long time ago and that on many occasions Komercijalna Banka met his business needs or problems.


First, we will remind him that in 2006, he asked Komercijalna Banka to take over the loan of his company Porcelanka from Eurostandard Bank for a period of 1 year, in which period he was to recapitalize the Bank. Neither after a year, nor after that did he repay the loan. With an extremely insolent explanation, he informed us that he could not and would not return the loan, thus causing a loss for Komercijalna Banka by 3.7 million Euros.


Second, the claim of Mr. Kostovski that after the change of the Board of Directors of Eurostandard Bank the relations with Komercijalna Banka were terminated is a pure lie. We would remind him that on 24.09.2019, he (Mr. Kostovski), Mr. Kosta Kostovski and Mr. Goran Trajkovski came to a meeting with members of the Board of Directors of Komercijalna Banka to ask for further assistance to Eurostandard Bank by extending the loans of its clients until the Bank is recapitalized again. We do not know if and what kind of records Mr. Kostovski keeps, but this meeting is duly recorded in Komercijalna Banka and there is a note about it.


Third, at the request of Mr. Kostovski, Komercijalna Banka in 2019 approved a loan of 10 million Euros to his company “Gofi” for recapitalization of Eurostandard Bank, and a pledge of 3200 shares of Eurolink Insurance. This loan was properly repaid. The fact that Mr. Kostovski lost 10 million euros in six months is his personal responsibility, and neither the NBRSM, nor Komercijalna Banka, nor the Government, nor the damaged depositors and clients of Eurostandard Bank are to be blamed for that.


Four, after the bankruptcy of Eurostandard Bank, under the explanation that he is under pressure and threats to repay debts to individuals and companies for a subordinated loan for Eurostandard Bank, Mr. Kostovski requested and was approved a loan of 2 million Euros from Komercijalna Banka on behalf of his company “Gofi”, for which the existing collateral was used. Nevertheless, Mr. Kostovski now brazenly lies that Komercijalna Banka, which approved him a loan when no other entity would probably have even listened to him, wanted to destroy Eurostandard Bank.


Five, we would like to remind Mr. Kostovski that today his debt towards Komercijalna Banka is almost 7 million Euros and that he has not settled his liabilities thereunder for several months. Pursuant to and within its regular operating procedures, the Bank will start a procedure for execution of the mortgaged property. Mr. Kostovski may not interpret this as pressure to silence him. He has an obligation to repay the loan and the right to say whatever he wants.


In many occasions Mr. Kostovski reminds us of his successes, businesses, properties, but he probably forgets that in the whole collection he lacks one thing - a mirror. Since Mr. Kostovski claims that this is an "organized crime against Eurostandard Bank", when he stands in front of a mirror, he will see who are the "carriers of organized crime", who is responsible that Eurostandard Bank went bankrupt and who is reported for money laundering.


Komercijalna Banka is addressing the public for the last time regarding the lies that Mr. Trifun Kostovski is telling or will tell. For us, the case of Eurostandard Bank is closed, and we will leave Mr. Kostovski to seek justice with arguments before domestic and international institutions.

24.02.2021 - The payment of February pensions at Komercijalna Banka starts on 25.02.2021


Starting from 25.02.2021 (Thursday), Komercijalna Banka shall realize early payment of pensions. The pensioners – holders of an active debit card shall have their pensions available on their accounts as of Thursday (25.02.2021) and can withdraw their funds at any Bank’s ATM or use them for cashless payments in trade.


The payment of pensions to pensioners who do not use payment cards shall be organized in four groups, depending on the pension amount, as follows:


  • Thursday, 25.02.2021 – pensions up to MKD 11,000
  • Friday, 26.02.2021 – pensions from MKD 11,001 to MKD 14,000
  • Monday, 01.03.2021 - pensions from MKD 14,001 to MKD 18,000
  • Tuesday, 02.03.2021 – pensions over MKD 18,000


In order to reduce the queues and to protect the health of all users of banking services from the Coronavirus, we appeal to our clients to follow the indicated schedule, wear a protective face mask, scarf or shawl, keep the prescribed minimum distance and have mandatory hand disinfection when visiting the Bank’s city-branches and branches.

15.02.2021 – The modernized and digitalized city-branch of Komercijalna Banka in Debar started its operation



The completely modernized and digitalized city-branch of Komercijalna Banka in Debar started its operation on 15.02.2021. This city-branch of the Bank enables its clients to perform their banking transactions in a fast and efficient manner at the counters or at the digital part of the city-branch which is operates 24/7.


The digital part of the city-branch is equipped with ATM for cash withdrawal and the latest digital cashless payment kiosk. The digital kiosk is a modern solution by which the Bank enables its clients to pay their public services bills (EVN, BEG, A1, Telekom and Telekabel bills) free of charge, without visiting Bank’s counters and using a bank card of any bank, as well as to print a statement of transaction account for individuals who have an Internet Bank subscription. The clients may enter the digital part 24/7 by using any bank card.


The counters at the city-branch are open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 and provide the following services: opening a transaction account in denars and in foreign currency, payments in the country and abroad, fast money transfer, exchange operations. The clients are also provided a wide range of credit products and savings deposits, possibility for purchasing stakes in investment funds and insurance policies, as well as professional advices and instructions for use of e-banking and mobile banking for legal entities and individuals.


The digital part of the new branch of Komercijalna Banka in Debar provides citizens with another privilege - protection of their health from the Covid-19 virus due to avoiding contact with other people. Of course, the protection measures against Covid-19, such as wearing a protective mask, scarf or shawl on the face, keeping the prescribed minimum distance and disinfection of hands, remain obligatory when entering any part of the Bank’s city-branch.








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