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17.09.2020 – Komercijalna Banka sponsor of the “Manaki Brothers” Festival again

Traditionally, for the third year in a row, the Bank is a sponsor of the 41st International Film Camera Festival "Manaki Brothers", which due to the new conditions of the pandemic caused by Covid - 19, this year will be adequately marked with a central event in Bitola, on September 19 in the Patio of the Museum of Bitola.


With its international character and attributes of a gala event that attracts the artistic, academic and political elite of our country and the region, "Manaki Brothers" is a rare social event that attracts a lot of attention from the domestic and international film public. This year, the "Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement " award will be given to the double Academy Award winner Jan Kaminski, who is the youngest winner of this award so far, while the "Big Star of AFWM", the award of the Association of Film Workers of the Republic of North Macedonia, will be awarded to the film director doyen Stole Popov.


Komercijalna Banka is very pleased to stand behind our renowned festival, which, with its size and integrity, is an ambassador of the Macedonian culture. In the previous years, and especially this year when the art, in general, is in an unenviable position, the Bank decisively provides its support and enables the film magic to continue to shine throughout Bitola and everywhere in our country.

14.09.2020 – Starting from 21.09.2020 Komercijalna Banka will accept invoices for payment in paper form only

Due to the termination of the validity of the Government’s Decree on the application of the Law on VAT during a state of emergency on 20.09.2020, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje would like to notify its business partners that starting from 21.09.2020, it will no longer accept invoices for payment sent electronically.


As of 21.09.2020, the Bank’s business partners will have to submit the invoices in paper form to the Reception Office of the Bank.


As from 21.09.2020, the e-mail address ек, created for the respective purpose, will no longer be active.

14.09.2020 - Announcement to the depositors of Eurostandard Bank AD in bankruptcy whose compensation is under the competence of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje

The compensation of the insured deposit amount to the depositors of Eurostandard Bank AD in bankruptcy whose SURNAME starts with the letters A, B, V, G or D starts on September 15, 2020 (Tuesday), through Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje. At the same time, the other depositors, such as entrepreneurs who were registered in Eurostandard Bank as SP (sole proprietors) or lawyers (name and surname) or with the name of the business activity, whose first letter of the name is A, B , V, G or D, will also be compensated.


The compensation will be performed in the branches and city-branches of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje on the entire territory of the country. More information about the branches and city-branches, as well as on their working hours can be found at the following LINK.


In addition to their personal presence, the depositors have to present a valid ID document, such as:

  • for individuals – residents: ID card or passport issued by the Ministry of Interior of RNM
  • for individuals – non-residents: foreign passport.


The entrepreneurs (sole proprietors) should provide:

  • Current Statement issued by the Central Register of RNM not earlier than 3 months (original document for insight into),
  • ID card or passport of the person authorized for representation of the person registered as entrepreneur,
  • Request for transfer of funds (the request is prepared by the Bank and is filled in personally by the person authorized for representation of the person registered as entrepreneur and is verified with a seal).


The certificate of ownership of the deposit will be signed directly with the Bank when the depositor comes to exercise the right to compensation. In order to exercise the right to payment of the compensation, the depositor must pick up and sign the certificate at the respective counter in Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje.


The compensation shall be paid in denars, where pursuant to the law regulations, the amount of compensation for each individual depositor is determined by the Deposit Insurance Fund and the maximum amount is MKD 1,850,889.


If the compensation amount for a depositor – individual – resident is equal to or higher than MKD 5,001.00, and the depositor has an existing active account in Komercijalna Banka or has active blockades recorded in the Unique Register of Transaction Accounts, the payment of compensation will be made by transfer of the funds on the denar transaction account in Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje (an existing or newly opened account in the name of the depositor, which will be opened in accordance with the law regulations). The same procedure shall also apply for a non-resident individual (for any amount of compensation). For individuals – residents having a deposit of up to MKD 5,000.00, who do not have an active account in the Bank and do not have active blockades recorded in ERTS, the payment will be made in cash.


For entrepreneurs (sole proprietors), the payment will be made by transferring the funds to an existing or newly opened account of the depositor on the basis of a previously completed Request for transfer of funds, indicating the transaction account of the entrepreneur (sole proprietor) the funds should be transferred to.


The depositors – individuals should regulate their right to compensation in person or through their legal representative/guardian indicated in the Certificate of ownership of the deposit. If the legal representative/guardian was not previously registered in Eurostandard Bank AD, he/she has to present valid documentation to prove it, followed an appropriate update in the compensation documents.


If the depositor – individual is prevented from exercising his/her right to compensation in person, he/she can do so through a person authorized on the basis of a notarized Power of Attorney document containing precise instructions for signing the certificate and/or opening an account on behalf of the depositor (the text of the Power of Attorney is available at any branch or city-branch of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje).

The power of attorney documents, which the depositors – individuals have already issued to their proxies regarding the disposal of the deposit funds in Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje, will be valid when signing the Certificate of deposit ownership, but not for opening the required account in the name of the depositor (which requires the notarized Power of Attorney indicated above).


In case the owner of the deposit is a deceased person, his/her heirs should apply to the Deposit Insurance Fund and submit identification documents and inheritance decision in order to realize the payment of compensation.


For the individuals listed above, who have updated personal data and a valid identification document, the compensation will be realized in Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje with no need to visit the Deposit Insurance Fund and or the premises of Eurostandard Bank AD in bankruptcy.


If Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje finds that the personal data of any depositor - individual / legal representative / guardian / proxy, identified as such by the Bank for the purpose of compensation regulation, have to be updated, it will refer the respective person to the Deposit Insurance Fund for personal data update, upon which the Bank will realize the compensation starting from the next business day.


Starting from 15.09.2020, each depositor assigned to Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje will have a time period of 36 months, i.e. 3 years, to exercise his/her right to compensation through the Bank. Upon expiry of this period, the payment of compensation will be made through the Deposit Insurance Fund.


For any further information needed, please do not hesitate to call the Bank’s Contact Center at (02) 3 296 800 or write to e-mail:

11.09.2020 – On the "Investment Day" of the Macedonian Stock Exchange, Komercijalna Banka will enable trading of shares free of charge

On the first "Investment Day" organized by the Macedonian Stock Exchange on 18.09.2020, on the occasion of 25 years of the founding assembly meeting of the Stock Exchange, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje will enable domestic individuals to buy or sell shares without paying brokerage services fees to the Bank.


Komercijalna Banka welcomes the initiative of the Macedonian Stock Exchange and will support this event in order to contribute to the increase of the share of domestic individual investors at the Macedonian securities market and to the investing in shares issued by domestic companies. The "Investment Day" will also contribute to the increase of the level of population’s knowledge about these financial instruments and to the improvement of the investment culture in the country.


On the "Investment Day", all domestic individuals will be able to trade shares at all market segments without transaction costs to the Stock Exchange, CSD and authorized market participants (banks and brokerage houses) involved in this initiative, whereby the following conditions have to be met:


  • Investors should conclude normal stock transactions through the BEST system, mediated by a member of the Stock Exchange involved in this initiative,
  • The amount of the daily turnover realized per individual investor should not be more than 10,000 Euros, regardless of the number of stock exchange transactions it will be realized through,
  • Transactions to be concluded through the client’s, i.e. owner’s account.


The initiative of the Macedonian Stock Exchange has been accepted and the Central Securities Depository and seven members of the Stock Exchange were actively involved therein. This initiative has also been supported by the Securities Commission.

10.09.2020 – WOOD & Company has published the initial investment analysis for Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje

The consulting company WOOD & Company published the initial investment analysis for Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, which is the first investment analysis ever made for a Macedonian joint stock company within the regional project of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In addition to three companies listed at the Macedonian Stock Exchange, this Project also includes companies listed at five other stock exchanges in the region (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria).


The investment analysis for Komercijalna Banka, as published in English, is available on the following LINK.


This Project will last for two years.

09.09.2020 – Komercijalna Banka awarded for its special contribution to the economy in the Municipality of Kavadarci

The Municipality of Kavadarci has awarded Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje the "September 7" award for its special contribution by supporting the economy in this Municipality.

The award was presented to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hari Kostov, by the Mayor of the Municipality of Kavadarci, Mr. Mitko Jancev, at a solemn session held on 07.09.2020 in Kavadarci.

Komercijalna Banka has been the key partner of the companies for 65 years and the pillar of confidence among the citizens. Together with Komercijalna Banka, most of the companies in the country are on the road to success, because through the years of its development the Bank created and still creates new values, opens links to the world and builds a highly professional and expert team. Accountability, transparency, efficiency and innovation are the values ​​that make Komercijalna Banka traditionally the first choice of the clients.

26.08.2020 – Komercijalna Banka is official sponsor of HC Vardar 1961

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is proud to announce that it has become an official sponsor of HC Vardar 1961, the most trophy-winning Macedonian handball club. Before the start of the new season, Vardar presented the sport shirt for the upcoming challenges, which has the logo of Komercijalna Banka.


Our handball pride has shown that with good work, professional attitude and deep commitment there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. These are the values ​​that Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is led by as well. That makes Vardar and Komercijalna Banka partners. We will be together for new triumphs and affirmation of the Macedonian sport.


The Bank is continuously committed to supporting the Macedonian culture and sports, recognizing and encouraging successful stories that are worth being not only at the Macedonian, but also at the international scene. Vardar has victories on both scenes, and with the support of Komercijalna Banka, Vardar and the Bank will run towards new triumphs.

01.09.2020 – Komercijalna Banka offers a second period of deferred repayment of monthly liabilities under credit exposures for individual clients

According to the PUBLIC OFFER No. 09-600-15831/1 on changes of the credit products agreement conditions for individuals, the period of deferred repayment of the monthly liabilities under credit exposures for individual clients ended on 30.09.2020.


Having in mind the prolonged side effects of the pandemic caused by Covid-19 on the economy and on the life of the citizens, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje offers, to the users of loans, credit cards and/or overdraft facility that as at 29.02.2020 are classified into A, B or C risk category and did not have the status of bad and doubtful claims or were approved in the period 01.03.-24.03.2020, a second term of delayed repayment of monthly liabilities for the period from 01.10.2020 until 31.03.2021, only if they meet one of the following criteria:
  • 10% or over 10% decreased monthly income within the Covid-crisis period, compared to the period before the Covid crisis,
  • employment termination within the Covid-crisis period,
  • high treatment costs during the Covid-crisis period,
  • no inflows on transaction account (under salary or other inflows) within the Covid-crisis period, compared to the period before the Covid crisis.


All customers who, according to the Bank's analysis, meet at least one of the above criteria will be contacted by Komercijalna Banka electronically by submitting an INDIVIDUAL OFFER on change of the credit products agreement conditions for individuals. The clients shall have to declare whether they accept the Offer (electronically, on the link they will receive with the offer, or in writing, at the official address of the Bank), within 10 days from the date of receipt of the Offer. If they do not respond within the prescribed term, it shall be deemed that they reject the Offer and continue with regular repayment of their credit liabilities.


All other users of credit products who will not be contacted by the Bank, and who consider that they meet some of the criteria for deferred repayment of monthly liabilities, are required to submit a written request to the Bank, as soon as possible, at the e-mail address:, indicating the reasons for the need to delay repayment. The requests will be considered on an individual basis, based on presented documents and evidence of reduced income, lost job or treatment needs in the previous period. All requests for deferred repayment of liabilities after the expiration of the Decree on the method of application of the changes in the credit exposures agreement conditions with the banks and savings houses (Official Gazette No. 80 of 27.03.2020 and Official Gazette No. 125 of 15.05.2020), and not later than 30.09.2020, will be implemented with written annexes to the credit exposure agreements and the pledge agreements.


The users who will accept the Individual Offer may continue with regular repayment of the liabilities under credit products even before the expiration of the proposed 6-months period, based on a request submitted to the Bank electronically at the following e-mail address:

31.08.2020 – New prices of the services for non-cash transactions of legal entities in Komercijalna Banka

In order to ensure continuity of high quality services provided to its customers, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje changed the prices of services for non-cash transactions of legal entities. The new prices will be applied from 01.09.2020.


According to the changes in the Bank's tariff, the prices of some of the non-cash transactions for legal entities have increased. The new prices are published on the Bank's website and are available at the following link.


Komercijalna Banka remains committed to providing services that will enable continuous development of your business, a process that is guaranteed by permanent investment in operational processes and technical platforms. Of course, a wide range of digital financial services is also available to customers, which provide time savings and are significantly lower fees than the services provided through the Bank’s counters.


The team of Komercijalna Banka is available for any additional information required regarding the services. Please contact us at (02) 3296 800 or