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01.03.2021 - Campaign in Neptune for buying with a loan from Komercijalna Banka



It is time to buy and pay in installments and interest free. The promotional period for buying in Neptune with the identified purpose consumer loan of Komercijalna Banka started on March 1. It provides you the opportunity to buy any of the offered products on deferred payment in up to 24 installments without any interest.


Take this opportunity until March 31, 2021 to renew your home appliances with some of the products in Neptune.


All information about this credit product of the Bank is available on the  link.


Komercijalna Banka and Neptune offer you the opportunity for relaxed shopping and proven customer satisfaction.

09.04.2020 – The city-branch of Komercijalna Banka in Kapishtec completely modernized

Kapishtec city-branch of Komercijalna Banka located in Kapishtec settlement in Skopje, started its operation completely modernized and equipped with a digital kiosk. The counters operation services, as well as new digital banking services are now available for the clients. 


This city-branch is equipped with a cash-in ATM and the latest digital kiosk for cashless payments free of charge with a card from any bank. At the ATM, the clients can withdraw or deposit cash 24/7, while at the kiosk they can pay utility bills, as well as print a transaction account statement for individuals, provided that they have Internet Bank services subscription.


The counters operation services of the city-branch office are available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00, providing the following services: opening a transaction account in denars or foreign currency, payments in the country and abroad, quick money transfer, exchange operations. A rich offer of credit products and savings deposits, the possibility to buy shares in investment funds and insurance policies and expert advice and training in using e-banking and mobile banking are also available to the clients.


With the modernized city-branch in Kapishtec, Komercijalna Banka traditionally enables the clients to perform efficient and qualitative banking transactions, and also offers them digital services as an even faster way of performing financial transactions.





02.04.2021 – New donation of Komercijalna Banka to the Ministry of Health



The fight of the health workers in the country for protection of the health of the citizens from the Covid-19 virus continues with undiminished intensity, due to which Komercijalna Banka provided new support for the public health. This time the Bank donated 30 oxygen flow meters for oxygen support devices intended for public health institutions. The donation has a net value of MKD 156,780.00 and was delivered to the Ministry of Health.


With this donation, Komercijalna Banka continues its socially responsible mission through donations for public health, which, for the second year, is facing the biggest battle to preserve the health and life of citizens in a global pandemic. Previously, the Bank provided total support to health institutions of over EUR 620,000.

30.03.2021 - €2.5 million loan from EBRD and EU to Komercijalna Banka Skopje in support of local enterprises


The EBRD is providing a loan of up to €2.5 million to Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje for on-lending to local businesses for investments in production facilities and compliance with EU Directives in the fields of environmental protection, workers’ safety and product quality and safety.


In addition to loans, SMEs benefit from tailor-made technical assistance and know-how for project preparation and implementation, as well as grant incentives worth up to 15 per cent of the total loan amount on successful project completion. The technical assistance and grants are funded by the European Union’s Western Balkans Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility (WB EDIF).

Raising competitiveness will improve companies’ opportunities not only on the local market, but also internationally. At the same time, customers will benefit from improved product quality and wider choice.


Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is the largest bank in North Macedonia and previously received a €5 million loan under the EBRD Western Balkans SME Competitiveness Support Programme in 2018, a programme supported by funding from the European Union (EU). This financing has been successfully deployed and in the face of the coronavirus pandemic new funds are now needed more than ever.


Andi Aranitasi, EBRD Head of North Macedonia, said: “We are very pleased to renew our relationship with Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, our long-standing and trusted partner, for the benefit of the local economy. This programme offers local SMEs support to reach the EU standards in three key areas: environmental protection, health and safety, and product quality. The new funding will facilitate access to much-needed finance for small businesses, which is key for economic recovery in these challenging times. It will also make these businesses more competitive and resilient and allow them to integrate better into the regional and European value chains.”


Ambassador Geer, Head of the EU Delegation to North Macedonia, said: “SMEs are the backbone of every economy and critical for innovation, competitiveness and job creation. The European Union will continue to provide support for the sector in North Macedonia through the Western Balkans Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility in order to help accelerate economic recovery, prepare for the green and digital transitions, and ultimately the full participation of SMEs in the EU’s single market upon accession. We particularly want to encourage partners from the Western Balkans 6 to use the opportunities provided by the Common Regional Market to work towards these goals.”


Maja Stevkova Shterieva, Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Board of Directors of Komercijlana Banka AD Skopje, said: „The SME sector as a whole is very important to the economy of our country. We are very pleased that, in this very challenging period due to Covid-19, in partnership with EBRD and EU we can provide them additional support with a new loan that has uniquely favourable conditions and a grant component. We believe this loan will also provide them with useful support to embrace new trends and technologies and to create new jobs“.


The EBRD is a major institutional investor in North Macedonia. To date, it has invested €2 billion through 140 projects in the country. The Bank focuses on the expansion of the local private sector, the promotion of regional and international integration and the sustainable use of resources in the country.

29.03.2021 - Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje held its General Meeting of the Assembly

On 29.03.2021, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje held its General Meeting of the Assembly where the shareholders participated in and voted through written correspondence, aimed towards adherence to the measures for prevention against the spread of COVID-19.


The shareholders confirmed that the Bank ended 2020 with a gross profit in the amount of MKD 2,067.1 million. Upon calculation of the income tax of MKD 155.1 million, the net profit of the Bank is in the amount of MKD 1,911.9 million. The shareholders of the Bank made a Decision on appropriation and allocation of the unallocated profit gained in the amount of MKD 1,911.9 million and defined the dividend on ordinary shares to the extent of 60% of the nominal share value, i.e. MKD 600 per share. The dividend payout shall start upon expiry of twenty days from the date when the restriction of NBRNM for distribution and dividend payout for 2020 shall cease to be valid. In order to increase the total capital of the Bank and of the book value of the Bank’s shares, the shareholders made a decision for part of the profit, in the amount of MKD 294.5 million, to be allocated into reserves. Furthermore, part of the profit in the amount of MKD 250 million shall be distributed into retained earnings for investments in 2021. The shareholders also made a decision that the retained earnings from 2018, in the amount of MKD 323 million, shall be redistributed into reserves of the Bank.


The Assembly also adopted the Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements, Annual Accounts and Consolidated Annual Accounts of the Bank for 2020, as well as the Code of Corporate Governance of the shareholders companies listed on the Macedonian Stock Exchange in 2020.








26.03.2021 - The payment of March pensions at Komercijalna Banka starts on 29.03.2021

Starting from 29.03.2021 (Monday), Komercijalna Banka shall realize early payment of pensions. The pensioners – holders of an active debit card shall have their pensions available on their accounts as of Monday (29.03.2021) and can withdraw their funds at any Bank’s ATM or use them for cashless payments in trade.


The payment of pensions to pensioners who do not use payment cards shall be organized in four groups, depending on the pension amount, as follows:


  • Monday, 29.03.2021 – pensions up to MKD 11,000
  • Tuesday, 30.03.2021 – pensions from MKD 11,001 to MKD 14,000
  • Wednesday, 31.03.2021 - pensions from MKD 14,001 to MKD 18,000
  • Thursday, 01.04.2021 – pensions over MKD 18,000


In order to reduce the queues and to protect the health of all users of banking services from the Coronavirus, we appeal to our clients to follow the indicated schedule, wear a protective face mask, scarf or shawl, keep the prescribed minimum distance and have mandatory hand disinfection when visiting the Bank’s city-branches and branches.

25.03.2021 - Save energy and money with the energy efficiency loan from the GEFF Program of EBRD



Investments in an energy efficient home are more than worthwhile with the new loan from Komercijalna Banka. It provides return of up to 20% of the loan funds in form of a grant and an excellent interest rate of 4.4% per year. This energy efficiency loan is part of GEFF Program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The funds from the new loan of Komercijalna Banka, which may be approved in the amount of up to 50,000 Euros and a repayment period of up to 20 years, can be used for financing investments in energy efficient technologies for your home, as well as costs for auxiliary materials, delivery and installation. The loan funds may be used for purchase and installation of energy efficient windows, doors and glazing, insulation of external walls, the roof, attic, the floor and of partition walls, biomass stoves/boilers, gas boilers, solar hot water collectors, photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, high efficient lightning, low temperature lightning, balanced mechanical ventilation, storage water heaters.

The use of energy efficient technologies makes you realize savings in energy and money on a longer period of time. This investment makes you responsible not only to the family budget but to the environment, as well

More information on the possibilities offered by the energy efficiency loan are available on the following link .

25.03.2021 – "Financial Classroom" of Komercijalna Banka on the occasion of Global Money Week

Komercijalna Banka marked the Global Money Week with the online "Financial Classroom" for 80 students from two high schools in the country. The financial institutions around the world dedicated the period 22 - 26 March to the celebration of Money Week under the motto "Take care of yourself, take care of your money".


Having in mind that the Covid-19 virus pandemic has caused a great deal of concern for citizens, the global financial world has tried to contribute thereto by useful information and knowledge, for easier coping with the consequences of the crisis. In that context, Komercijalna Banka transferred financial knowledge to the high school students from "Cyril and Methodius" from Negotino and "Jovce Teslichkov" from Veles related to the characteristics of, and safe and proper use of financial products and services.


As a socially responsible company, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, with its "Financial Classroom", prepares high school students in the country to enter the world of financial services and products, for two years now. This classroom aims to teach young people why they should save money in a bank, instead of at home, to create savings habits, when and why to apply for a loan, how payment cards work and how to use all the benefits offered by electronic and mobile banking.

16.03.2021 – Komercijalna Banka is the General Sponsor of “Novel of the Year” award for 2020



This year, again, Komercijalna Banka had the honor to be the General Sponsor of the significant award "Novel of the Year" for 2020, which was awarded to Vladimir Jankovski for his novel "Hidden Wishes, Restless Travels", published by "Antolog".


This, already traditional and prestigious award in the field of domestic cultural creation is awarded by the Foundation for Promotion of Culture "Slavko Janevski". Its value is even greater because it is awarded to a novel that was published for the first time, which contributes to the affirmation of the Macedonian novelist production and the support of domestic authors.


This year, the decision on the award was made by a jury composed of: Olivera Nikolova (laureate for 2019), Zoran Anchevski, Kalina Maleska, Zivko Grozdanovski and Katerina Bogoeva.


"We need literature and storytelling because they show that life is full of nuances, it is not just black and white, but full of different perspectives. We should all try to make literature and art reach our fellow citizens because that creates a more complex perspective on the life around us. That is why stories and literature are very important ", said the laureate Jankovski at the award ceremony.


The Bank is general sponsor of the "Novel of the Year" award from 2017, providing a money award in the amount of 150,000 Denars for the Laureate and another 183,000 Denars money compensation for the members of the jury.




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