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Meeting of shareholders, June 2018


Pursuant to Article 48 and Article 49 of the Statute of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, the Board of Directors of

made the following

for participation at the Meeting of the Bank’s Assembly

The Meeting of the Bank’s Assembly, with headquarters in Skopje at Orce Nikolov Str. No.3, is going to be held on June 14, 2018, (Thursday) at 12 o’clock in Skopje City Mall (Ljubljanska Str., No. 4), 2nd floor, Hall No. 4 – “Komercijalna Banka” , with the following


1. Election of a Chairman of the Assembly;

2. Election of 5 votes counters;

3. Draft-Decision on appointing members of the Supervisory Board of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje;

The shareholders are invited to register their participation at the Meeting of the Assembly.

Each shareholder who intends to participate in the Meeting of the Assembly is obliged to register the participation (registration form for participation in the Meeting of the Assembly) up to the beginning of the convened Meeting of the Assembly.

Registration forms should be submitted to the Bank – the Management and Informing Department.

The Assembly shall make decisions only about items properly stated in the Agenda, in accordance with the Bank’s Statute and the Companies Act.

The voting under items of the Agenda shall be carried out in accordance with the Statute and the Companies Act.

Pursuant to the Companies Act, the shareholders, who on individual or group basis, hold at least 5% of the total number of voting shares, shall have the right to submit a proposal for supplements to the Agenda and decisions under the items of the Agenda.

The shareholders may submit proposals for adding additional items on the Agenda, draft-decision and questions, not later than 22.05.2018. The proposals, together with the documents for identification have to be received at Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje not later than 22.05.2018 until 16:00 hours. More details on the procedure for submission of proposals and questions are available on the web site of the Bank – www.kb.com.mk.

The shareholders may vote by means of correspondence, by sending a form filled out, which, in original copy have to be received by the Bank not later than 13.06.2018 until 16:00 hours. The voting form has to be accompanied by documentation for shareholder’s identity verification. The forms for voting by means of correspondence, as well as additional information on filling out the form and identification of the shareholders are available on the web site of the Bank - www.kb.com.mk.

The shareholders, having been provided documentation for electronic registration for e-voting at the Assembly, may vote by sending a form for e-voting filled out. Starting from the date of publishing of the Announcement, the documentation for e-voting registration may be obtained at the Management and Informing Department, upon presentation of shareholder’s identity verification documents. The e-voting may be realized within the period from 29.05.2018 – 12:00 hours until 12.06.2018 – 12:00 hours. The e-voting forms are available on the web site of the Bank – www.kb.com.mk.

The supporting materials for the Meeting of the Bank’s Assembly and the additional information, in accordance with the Companies Act, will be available to the shareholders starting from the date of publishing of this Announcement, each working day in the Bank’s Head Office, at Orce Nikolov Str. No.3, Management and Informing Department, room 307 (III floor, KB1 building) and on the web site of the Bank – www.kb.com.mk.