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Your opinion: Complaint, Proposal, Compliment

Thank you for your time and your opinion. In order to give you a quick response, please provide us with sufficient relevant information stating your contact person. Receipt of your opinion and the activities of the competent units of the Bank in the process of acting under the received complaints are free of charge.

Procedure (if you file a complaint)

You must identify yourself if you want the Bank to consider your complaint, to act thereunder and to notify on the outcome. If you want to be anonymous, Komercijalna Banka AD - Skopje shall receive your complaint and deliver to the respective responsible officers, but it is not obliged to act under the complaint and to notify you.

Treatment of your personal data

Personal data of the person filing an opinion/complaint are confidential and shall be disclosed only in the Bank’s operation to the persons involved in the process who must know the data for the purpose of investigating the circumstances the complaint had been given for and for the purpose of acting under the conclusions from the completed procedure. The client’s personal data shall never be disclosed out of the process without permission of the complaining party.

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