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As a socially responsible company we always take an active part in the development and in the increase of prosperity of the nation, maintaining a healthy and clan environment. This is accomplished through the support which we give to the number of organizations, activities and events whit purpose of promotion and celebration of the success, innovation and progress in:

  • sport;     
  • Arts;     
  • scientific research activities and conferences;     
  • Social Affairs;     
  • the media;     
  • premises.     
  • If you need our support, please fill out the following application for sponsorship.


Komercijalna Banka – An exclusive sponsor of the Sting concert

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is pleased to announce its support to a forthcoming extraordinary event -  the Sting concert that is going to be held on June 2, 2019 in the Arena Philip II, within the European Tour „ My songs”.


Sting, one of the greatest rock stars in the world of all times, will offer an unusual and dynamic show, focusing on his best songs from The Police and his solo career.


The special guest of the concert - Vlatko Stefanovski says that Sting has always inspired him and therefore he, together with his new trio, will try to prepare the audience for the concert of the British mega star with a performance of one hour.


Through exclusive sponsorship of this unusual and in many ways unique concert, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje continues to support the culture and the unique values and once again has the honor to contribute to raising the level of cultural life in our society.

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, General Sponsor of the concert of Zlatko Origjanski i Beni Shaqiri

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is General Sponsor of the concert of Zlatko Origjanski and Beni Shaqiri, that is going to be held on 20 April at the Macedonian Philharmony.


At the concert, called „Zlatko Origjanski & Beni Shaqiri so prijatelite” (Zlatko Origjanski & Beni Shaqiri with friends), the musicians will perform the music from the albums „Dobro utro gospogjo” (Good morning madam) and „Makedonsko devojce” (Macedonian girl).


Following its determination for social responsibility, Komercijalna Banka once again happily supports the real art values that enrich the cultural life in the country.

Second year in a row Komercijalna Banka is General sponsor of the Novel of the Year award (“Roman na godinata”)

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is General sponsor of the “Novel of the Year” award (“Roman na godinata”) for 2018, which was yesterday awarded to the novelist Nikolina Andonova-Shopovafor her novel “Someone was here” (“Nekoj bil tuka”), issued by “Templum”.

The award has been awarded at the Cultural Information Centre (KIC) by the Foundation Culture Promotion and improvement “Slavko Janevski”. This prestigious award was awarded by the daily newspaper "Utrinski vesnik" for 18 years, and after the closure of the newspaper in 2017, in the past two years it has been granted by the Foundation.

The jury comprised of Frosina Parmakovska (president and last year's laureate), Bogomil Gjuzel, poet and academician, writers Elizabeta Bakovska and Aleksandar Prokopiev and journalist Katerina Bogoeva, representative of the Foundation, decided about the award winner.

“”Someone was here” is a novel that is read quickly and easily, but at the same time is a story that is neither superficial nor shallow. It is an extremely mature and convincing, hard and emotionally hard text for the reader. It's about a long-lasting and painful self-esteem, which through an unusual and almost innocent game, with and in the space, results in an indispensable and inevitable self-sacrifice," is explanation to the decision of the jury.


Komercijalna Banka - General Sponsor of the Strumica Carnival


For more than a decade, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is a General Sponsor of the manifestation "Strumica Carnival", which is traditionally held within the "Trimeri festivities" (the festival of engaged girls).

The Strumica Carnival has been declared as one of the 20 top street carnivals in the world by the magazine Arabian travel. Also, our Ministry of Economy has declared it for the best tourist manifestation.

Every year, the manifestation "Strumica Carnival" attracts over thirty thousand visitors from the country and abroad.

The main carnival evening will be held on March 9, 2019 and will be attended by more than 2,500 masked persons in a procession.

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje sponsor of the project of the “Mandra” Association

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje was sponsor of the ninth futsal tournament held on the occasion of birthday of the pop star Toshe Proeski, organized by the Association of Vlach businessmen from Macedonia “Mandra” from Skopje.

The manifestation, held on 27 and 28 January 2018, was also enriched with a cultural-artistic program performed by renowned singers of all nationalities.

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje sponsor of the magazine Premin

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje has been sponsor of the magazine Premin several years in a row. With its contents, the magazine Premin builds relation between the spiritual and material and affirms the Macedonian cultural, historical and religious thought. Selection of text and messages of this magazine comprises dimension of the orthodoxy out of the national and cultural issues and is companion to anyone having aspiration for personal transformation.

Continued cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia

For nine years in a row, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje has been realizing a fruitful cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia,  being included in  realization of the Project “Podobra socijalizacija na decata i mladite so posebni potrebi” (Better socialization of children and juveniles with special needs).

The main motive for joining this project is to allow the children and youth with special needs develop healthy spirit and creative capacity, additionally educate and fully integrate in our society.

Continuation of cooperation with the Red Cross and support to this project confirm our efforts for a long-term and systematic approach to improving the condition of vulnerable categories in the community, which is in accordance with the strategic efforts of the Bank in the field of social responsibility.