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FX savings


FX savings of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is an excellent method of saving and increasing the amount of your invested money. Having exclusively favorable interest rates and full safety of your money, the fx savings deposits are the best choice of investing your excess of funds. The possibility to pay and withdraw any amount and at any time allows you to have access to your money at all times.


Every citizen who wants to save money may deposit his/her money in the Bank. The Bank shall issue a passbook to Depositor, in which it shall record payments, withdrawals, balances and calculated interest under the deposit. A passbook may be opened against presentation of identity card or passport for domestic citizens and passport for foreigners at any counters of the Bank’s city-branches in Skopje and city-branches and branches throughout the country.


There is a possibility provided by the Bank for the deposits to be disposed by an authorized person. Authorization is given at the Bank’s counters, in presence of both parties – the account holder and the person to be authorized. Persons who are abroad may issue an authorization stating personal data of the holder of the deposit and the person being authorized. The authorization must be verified and stamped by the diplomatic consular office in the country in which it is being issued or by a licensed notary in that country bearing the Apostille stamp.


You will make your choice of the fx savings model in accordance with your needs. Get the information thereof and choose the model that is most suitable for you:


Interest rates


Interest rates of each model of fx savings offer you excellent inflow while your money is being kept in a safe place. The interests are increased depending on the term deposit period and they are prescribed by the Bank’s business policy. The Bank offers deposits with fixed interest rates, which are non-variable within the validity period of the agreement, and deposits with variable interest rate, for which the interest rate may be changed during the validity period of the savings deposits agreement but in accordance with prior defined economic indexes.


The extent of the variable interest rate shall depend on the extent of the Reference interest rate – EURIBOR for Euros and the corrective component set out by the Bank.

These elements are also prescribed in the savings deposit agreements you conclude with the Bank.




At this moment, the Reference rate for EUR is -0,364% .


 If the reference rate is of negative value, its value shall be taken to be 0.00 when calculating the nominal interest rate.



Any lost, torn out or destroyed passbook shall be amortized, i.e. it shall be pronounced as a non-valid and the Bank shall issue a new passbook. The data on deposits are business secret of the Bank.


Total clients’ deposits with the Bank are insured at the Deposit Insurance Fund. The Fund shall indemnify total deposits by client depositor (Personal Reg. No.) but not exceeding denar equivalent to EUR 30,000 in a single bank, branch of any foreign bank or savings house, calculated at medium exchange rate of NBRM. This amount shall cover the deposit principal amount, calculated and added interest, as well as the undue interest until the date of effectiveness of the Decision. If your deposit exceeds the legally prescribed maximum, you shall have the right to claim that part of the amount from the bankruptcy estate of the Bank.


If the reference rate EURIBOR for EUR is of negative value, its value will be taken to be 0.00 when calculating the nominal interest rate.

Contact persons

Marija Stojanovski, Head of Savings Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-178
Fax: (+389 2) 3211-300
e-mail: marija.stojanovski@kb.com.mk

Cveta Josifovska,  Savings Unit Control Officer
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-165
Fax: (+389 2) 3211-300
e-mail: cveta.josifovska@kb.com.mk
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