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contact center:
(02) 3 296 800

Purchase/sale of FX payment assets


The purchase/sale of foreign currencies for denars by legal entities – residents and non-residents (internal fx market) is made by quoting of applicable market exchange rates and includes:


  • prompt purchase/sale of foreign currencies for denars
  • term purchase/sale of foreign currencies for denars


The purchase/sale of foreign currencies is available each business day 9:00 – 16:00. 


Purchase and sale order forms are send by fax at: (02) 3113-228 and (02) 3213-425 or by e-mail at: devizenpazar@kb.com.mk.


The purchase and sale of foreign currencies shall be negotiated with the Bank’s officers by phone at: (02) 3247-410 – recorded call and (02) 3247-413, (02) 3247-414, (02) 3247-415, (02) 3247-416, (02) 3247-417, (02) 3247-418.

The negotiated transaction is verified by sending the prescribed form – prompt fx purchase/sale agreement and term fx purchase/sale agreement by fax: (02) 3113-228, (02) 3213-425 or by e-mail:  devizenpazar@kb.com.mk.


Purchase/sale of foreign currencies for denars through direct contact shall be made at: 

  • fx internal market counter within the Domestic Payment Operations Department hall (KB1 building – ground floor)


The internal fx market services are also available through Internet Bank.

Contact persons

Natasa Baljuk Ristovska, Head of Loan Approval and Disbursement Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-290
e-mail: natasa.baljuk.ristovska@kb.com.mk

Julijana Nikcevska, Loan Approval and Disbursement Control Officer
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-298
e-mail: julijana.nikcevska@kb.com.mk