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Frame revolving credit limit

NOTE: Due to the circumstances caused by the corona crisis (Covid-19), the Bank will not approve these products. Please, follow the link for the offer of loans that will be applied currently: OFFER OF LOANS FOR INDIVIDUALS APPLICABLE NOW

The frame revolving credit limit is a simple and suitable solution for creditworthy individuals with regular monthly income that have the need of using several of the Bank’s products and services.
If you need several types of credits at the same time, avoid separate solemnization of  the pledge agreements and choose the frame revolving credit limit.
Depending on the creditworthiness, you may simultaneously use funds within the frame of the approved credit limit for multiple purposes.

Purpose Proceeds from the approved frame revolving credit-limit may be used for:
  • loans without identified purposes secured by mortgage of real estate;
  • loans for purchase, construction, additional construction or superstructure of immovable property;
  • approving credit limits that shall be used through credit cards and other types of credit exposures;
  • issuing letters of guarantee;
  • providing security for previously approved loans, issued letters of guarantee, approved credit limits through credit cards and other exposures.
Amount of the frame revolving credit limit Depending of the value of the security
Term for disbursement of the proceeds Up to 5 years
Security Mortgage on real estate in value of 135% of the amount of the frame revolving credit limit
Documents required
  • Application for frame revolving credit limit;
  • Copy of a valid identity card
  • For employees in private companies acceptable for the Bank, form PP53 (Declaration for receipt from PRA) for the previous three months and solvency of the giro account with the bank they are clients to (for clients of the Bank solvency is not required)
  • Property specification sheet for the estate offered as security
  • Property mortgaged appraisal expenses - 2000 denars
  • Notary compensation for pledge agreement solemnity (from 100-200 EUR)
  • Charges for appraisal of value of the estate (more on link)

Komercijalna Banka shall keep its discretion right to reject the loan application

More information at:

Contact center:

+389 2 3296 800


or at naselenie.krediti@kb.com.mk

Creditworthiness of the applicant shall be analyzed before each credit in accordance with the criteria applied for approval of individual products.

Terms of disbursement, repayment and maturity dates shall be defined for each disbursement in accordance with the terms applied for specific types of loans of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje to individuals.

Contact persons

Natasa Baljuk Ristovska, Head of Loan Approval and Disbursement Unit
e-mail: natasa.baljuk.ristovska@kb.com.mk

Julijana Nikcevska, Loan Approval and Disbursement Control Officer
e-mail: julijana.nikcevska@kb.com.mk