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Contactless card payments

Payment within one second


From now on, use the cards of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje and pay in newest way of payment in the world – contactlessly and in only one second.

The contactless technology enables you to effect quick, simple and safe card payment at the point of sale.



Where available, any payment up to MKD 2,000 with Mastercard contactless card and up to MKD 2,500 with Visa contactless card may be realized by simply touching the card against the reader and the payment will be realized – without entering the PIN code or signing a receipt.



The contactless way of payment may be applied for any individual transaction in the amount up to MKD 2,000 with Mastercard contactless card and up to MKD 2,500 with Visa contactless card or otherwise you will be required entering the PIN or sign the receipt as usually required.


The contactless payment may be applied at specially marked POS having the respective modern and safe technology. The numbers of such POS in North Macedonia and wider is already high with tendency for permanent increase.


Now, you can also pay contactless with the free mobile app KomPay. You can get more details and download the application free of charges from Google Play.



Contactless cards may be used at any POS marked by any of the contactless payment symbols:




Contactless cards are widely accepted by large number of merchants. The signs above may be seen in restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, shops of different types, supermarkets, etc.

More and more merchants are expecting the contactless POS terminals to be installed in their shops in order to enable their clients to effect payments quickly and efficiently.





1. Look for the symbol

The contactless payment cards of Komercijalna Banka may be used anywhere the logos “PayPass”, “PayWave” or “contactless are displayed.

2. Touch the card against the reader

When the POS terminal is ready, touch the card against the reader indicating the contactless payment symbol (contactless). No need to insert your card into the PIN device.

3. Transaction processing

Wait for few seconds while the POS terminal responds with green light or beep. You will not be required to enter PIN code or sign any receipt upon completion of the transaction.

4. Approval

After being approved, your payment is realized.





Quick and easy - you will no longer be in a situation to look for or handle cash or waiting for receipt for the transaction realized. This way of payment is perfect for quick shopping and helps in making the queues smaller. The transaction time is only few seconds, leaving you more time for other obligations. Simply touch the contactless card to the reader and the transaction will be realized at the same moment.


Simple for use - one touch and no PIN code entering or signing a transaction receipt for values up to MKD 2,000 with Mastercard contactless card and up to MKD 2,500 with Visa contactless card. It is surprisingly easy.


Safe - you have your card in your hand and you are safe against any fraud or misuse in the same way as when you use PIN code or when using chip card. For extra security you may sometimes be required to enter your PIN.


Currently, contactless payment is available by the following cards of Komercijalna Banka:


Note: Older versions of these cards do not contain the contactless technology. Any such card may be replaced by new contactless one free of charge at any city-branch of Komercijalna Banka.


The contactless cards have the same design as the current ones (they have security chip, may be used at ATMs, etc.) but contain additional technology for contactless payment. They contain a small antenna embedded in a device that communicates with the special reader and safely transfers the information on the realization of the transaction.


The technology used is of high level of security. The unique encryption for each payment protects your transaction data, the card is in your hand, thus decreasing the risk from losing, fraud or misuse. In case the card is touched to the reader twice, the special protection measures established guarantee that the payment will be realized only once.


The contactless technology is based on global security standards. The Mastercard contactless technology is called “PayPass” while Visa contactless technology is called “PayWave“.


For any further information regarding the cards use and technology please visit the FAQ page.

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