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Standing order for individuals



Any holder of transaction account may issue a standing order free of charge, authorizing the Bank to transfer founds from his/her transaction account for payments for regular utilities costs (bills for electricity, heating, landline and mobile phones), to transfer founds to another transaction account, to his/her denar savings account opened with the Bank, as well as for repayment of loans approved by the Bank.


The account holder may issue a standing order for transfer of founds from his/her transaction account to any other account with the Bank or in other banks, under fees in accordance with the tariff for making payments at the Bank’s counters.


A blind person may open a standing order in presenceof two witnesses. One of the witnesses must be an employee of the Bank, or bothwitnesses may be employed in the Bank. The witnesses read the contents of thestanding order form that is to be signed by the client. The client confirms theconsent that he/she understands and accepts the provisions stipulated by thesedocuments by signing the Statement for applying for a debit or credit card forindividuals by a facsimile. The witnesses sign the same statement with fullname, surname and signature stating that the client is familiar with thecontents of the documents and that he/she accepts them.


The service of opening a standing orderfor a blind person is available only in the Bank’s Head Office in Skopje and inthe Bank’s branches throughout the country.



All you have to do is come to any of the Bank's expanded branch and city-branch offices .

Contact person

Neda Radnjanska, Head of Transaction Accounts Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-265
Fax: (+389 2) 3220-987
e-mail: neda.radnjanska@kb.com.mk
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