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SMS banking for individuals



The SMS banking service is an information service of the Bank, which enables the holders of payment cards issued by the Bank to receive SMS information on the movements on the account, by cell phone. The Bank sends messages for movements on the payment card accounts, by transaction, to the cell phone of the service user, stated in the application for use of the SMS banking.

SMS banking service is available to any client – individual:

  • holder of debit and/or credit card;
  • holder of transaction account;
  • has its own cell phone connected to the network of any of the authorized mobile telephony operators on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.




Advantages of using the SMS banking service for individuals:

  • information related to your card, anywhere in the world;
  • monitoring of the card changes 24/7;
  • protection against double realization of the same transaction;
  • prevention of card abuse;
  • additional safety of the transactions.




Required documents

In order to obtain and use the SMS banking service you are required to submit the following documents:


You can submit the filled-in Application for using the service along with the required additional documentation to any larger city-branch with responsible officer or to any branch of the Bank.




The following fees are charged for the SMS banking service:



Registration of the service

free of charge

Notification for card renewal

free of charge

Notification for re-issuance of lost/stolen card

free of charge

Notification for re-issuance of PIN code

free of charge

Notification for inflow on the card account

3 denars (VAT included)

Notification of outflow from the card's account realized at POS terminal or ATM

3 denars (VAT included)


The charges for all messages sent during the month shall be collected at the beginning of the next month directly from the client’s transaction account.

Contact persons

Neda Radnjanska, Head of Transaction Accounts Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-265
Fax: (+389 2) 3220-987
e-mail: neda.radnjanska@kb.com.mk

Elena Arsova Begic, Head of Bank Cards Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-108
Fax: (+389 2) 3114-232
e-mail: elena.arsova@kb.com.mk
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