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Foreign currency accounts of legal entity - non-resident

Foreign legal entities – non- residents can open transaction account with Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje in its Head Office and in all Bank’s branches, by submitting the following documents:

 Agreement on account of legal entity – non-resident

 Application for registration of the client - legal entity non-resident

 Documents required for opening of non-resident account

Opening and operating of FX account for non-residents is carried out in accordance with the Decision on the manner for opening and operating the non-resident accounts and general terms for opening and operating with FX transaction account for legal entities- non-residents.

Contact persons

Zaklina Davitkovska, Non-resident Accounts Section Control Officer
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-662
Fax: (+389 2) 3220-982
e-mail: zaklina.davitkovska@kb.com.mk

Valentina Kitanovic, Head of Foreign Currency Accounts Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-658
Fax: (+389 2) 3115-035
e-mail: valentina.kitanovic@kb.com.mk

Violeta Vasilevska, International Payment Operations and Foreign currency Accounts Department Manager
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-625
Fax: (+389 2) 3220-969
e-mail: violeta.vasilevska@kb.com.mk