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International Payment Operations

Incoming and outgoing payments are performed either in FX cash or with usual international payment instruments – payment order, collections, letter of credit, cheques and other instruments for non-cash payment.

All activities in the area of international payment operations are performed in accordance with the Law on FX operations, the Guidelines on the manner of performing the international payment operations and the Decision on manner of performing the international payment operations.

Incoming payments with payment order

Incoming payments are credited on the beneficiary’s account with the same value date, or latest on the following business day. When utilizing the FX funds, the Bank must be informed by the client about the type of transaction.

The funds of the received inflows can be used for payment abroad, for business trip abroad, for payment of obligations or could be sold on the FX market.

 General Authorization
 Instructions for incoming payment


Outgoing payments with payment order

Received FX funds from incoming payments, FX funds purchased on the FX market or FX loan proceeds can be used for outgoing payments. When paying abroad, or on behalf of a non-resident current account within the country, the resident legal entity shall submit to the Bank appropriate payment order:
  • Duly filled in and signed payment order (Form 1450);
  • Available coverage in the Bank;
  • Accompanying document for payment

The payment order (Form 1450) can be submitted either in original, or the Bank can prepare the forms in the name and on behalf of the client, upon prior given authorization.

 General Authorization
 Payment instructions

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FX Cash

Incoming and outgoing payments in FX cash can be made by clients under documents in all branches and city-branches of the Bank

The documentation submitted must be in accordance with the Decision on terms and manner under which the residents may effect incoming and outgoing payments in FX cash in transactions with non-residents.

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