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SMS banking

The SMS banking service is an information service of the Bank, which enables the holders of payment cards issued by the Bank to receive SMS information on the statement and movements on the account, by cell phone. The Bank sends messages for movements on the payment card accounts, by transaction, to the cell phone of the service user, stated in the application for use of the SMS banking.

The SMS service may be used by each holder of business payment cards of the programs of MasterCard and Visa International issued by the Bank.

The SMS banking service for business bank cards users includes:

  • Information on each transaction of the payment card made by the user of the service, along with the information on the statement of the payment card account;
  • Notifications for outstanding claims;
  • Other information

For help, questions and technical support please contact:
If you need help and support or have same technical problems and questions please contact:
  • the Contact-centre at (+389 2) 3296 800, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM or
  • e-mail: support@kb.com.mk .


The following fees are charged for the SMS banking service:


Fee for sending SMS notifications defined by the Bank

free of charge

SMS notifications for transactions defined by the client

3 denars

The Bank shall notify the user on any change in the manner of use of the services and the conditions for the business cooperation through the statements of account and movements on the payment card accounts and on its web site.

Required documents

In order to obtain and use the SMS banking service you are required to submit the following documents:

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