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mBankaCo mobile application

 What is mBankaCo?



mBankaCo is a free application for mobile phones and tablets providing you with safe, quick and easy 24 hour access to the most used services of electronic banking for legal entities.


Combination safety and simplicity


The mBankaCo mobile application uses the up-to date solutions which, at the same time offer both the most comfortable and the simplest use of banking services through a user-friendly interface and the highest level of security for clients.  mBankaCo has incorporated controls allowing check of the entered data, and for better security of clients the application has incorporated maximal limits for daily and monthly turnover defined by the Bank.


Authorizations from the existing Internet Bank for legal entities (browsing, making entries, signatory, sender) are transferred in the mBankaCo mobile application with allowed combination of roles.


Download the free mobile application – mBankaCo of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje on your smart phone or tablet and enjoy having a virtual city-branch anytime and anywhere with you.



мБанка за физички лица на app store мБанка за физички лица на app store мБанка за физички лица на app store



mBankaCo makes available the following services for you:  

  • Insight into the balance, movements and statement of accounts (denar and FX transaction account)
  • Transfer of funds from denar transaction account to other accounts in the domestic payment operations (entering, signing and sending for realization of with PP30, PP50 and PP53 forms) 
  • Entering, signing and sending for realization of e-order form for payment and withdrawing of cash from denar account (PP40),
  • Entering, signing and sending to the Bank for realization of an e-order form for  payment out of the funds recorded on fx transaction account of a company,
  • List of 1450, 743 and SWIFT Forms
  • Sale of foreign payment instruments for denar
  • Purchasing of foreign payment instruments,
  • Access to information on accounts under business cards for legal entities,   
  • Administration of daily and periodical limits under business cards for each individual cardholder, 
  • Receipt of notifications on inflows and outflows from the denar account, with an option for setting the minimum amounts for receiving notifications. 


What do you get by downloading mBankaCo?

  • Offers complex signing policy  – identical to the existing policy of signing in the e-banking
    • Individual signing
    • Collective signing
    • Mandatory signatory
    • Limiting amounts
  • Full integration with the e-banking through transfer of privileges from the Internet Bank along with the complex policy of signing,
  • Flexibility of the solution through a possibility for parallel use of both applications (possibility to enter order forms through e-banking, signing thereof through the mobile application)
  • Possibility to use of already created templates for payment in the e-banking
  • Availability 24/7
  • Enabled downloading of statements of accounts and payment orders in PDF form
  • Enabled biometric authentication – log in by a fingerprint identification or face recognition
  • Security  token for signing is replaced by software token for signing
  • Web-connection (from any location in the world)
  • Trilingual platform
  • Sale of FX assets with a possibility of exchange rate listing
  • Insight into business cards and change of limits
  • Continuous upgrading and adjusting with the needs of clients


What do you need to download the application?

* the defined limits refer only to non-cash order forms PP30. The order forms for non-cash payment PP50 – to budget users and the order form for integrated payment PP53 are not included in the calculation of the defined limits.

Registration and activation of the mobile application is carried out in 4 easy steps:

  • upon receipt of SMS (e-mail) message that you have been allowed access to the  mobile application you download it  from Google play/App Store/Huawei App Gallery
  • at the first log in to mBankaCo, you identify yourself with your existing name and password you use for services of Internet Bank for legal entities
  • you log in to the Internet Bank for legal entities in the field of Moite uredi (my devices) and by marking your mobile device and clocking the button activate the device you shall download the QR code
  • choose a PIN for log in to BankaCo and confirm it


mBankaCo mobile application shall immediately be available to you under the same privileges you have been approved for Internet Bank.

Wherever you are, from now on, your Internet Banka will always be with you.


If you have any technical problems and queries do not hesitate to contact our Internet Bank support center:

tel: (02) 3296-800
(Mon. – Fri.: 08:00 - 19:00, Sut. 08:00 - 14:00)
E-mail: support@kb.com.mk

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