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MasterCard® BusinessCard

MasterCard® BusinessCard of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is tailored for your business. It provides you with 42 days interest-free period for settlement of your business expenses, adjustable limit for each card and a possibility for simple follow up of the account balance and spending by user through the Internet Bank service.

Advantages of the card

- simple settlement of business expenses, all over the world, commission free;
- simple follow up of the account balance and spending by user through the Internet Bank and SMS banking;
- up to 42 days of interest-free period for the transactions realized at points of sale;
- the approved credit limit can be allocated according to your own choice on two accounts (in MKD and EUR), with a possibility to change the proportion;
- favourable interest rate on the used credit limit;
- option for issuing of unlimited number of cards for your company;
- improvement of your company’s cash flow;
- option for setting daily limits by cards according to your company’s needs
- low fees and commissions for card utilisation;
- option for settling liabilities trough the standing order service;
- easier and safer than paying with cash;
- 24 hour customer support, around the world.

Card utilization

MasterCard® BusinessCard is acquired at more that 35 million points of sale and more than 2 million ATMs in more than 120 countries in the world. More information on acquiring the MasterCard® cards is available on www.mastercard.com.

For detailed information on all of the card’s characteristics, please read the general conditions for issuance and use of MasterCard® BusinessCard.

For bigger safety and comfort when using the card you can apply the tips for safe usage of cards of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje.

Follow the guidelines and use the option for setting daily and periodic limits by cards according to your company’s needs.

Simple procedure of getting a new MasterCard® BusinessCard credit card

Follow the simple steps to get your new MasterCard® BusinessCard credit card:

The applications, along with the documentation,submit them to the Head Office or to any of the branches and city-branches throughout the Republic and in the Bank’s city-branch offices with a head thereof of the Bank every working day from Monday to Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.
You can take your new card within 7 days from the date of submission of the application.

Terms and conditions


individuals upon application submitted by legal entithy

Annual membership fee*


per card

for the first issuance

free of charge for the existing users of international business credit cards before expiry of the card validity

for annual turnover realized (in trading and withdrawal of cash) in the amount of MKD 0.00-500,000.00 per account 

1,500 denars

for annual turnover realized (in trading and withdrawal of cash) in the amount over MKD 500,000.00 per account

free of charge

Nominal interest rates on the denar account****

- 12.57% p.a. up to the amount of the credit limit (reference interest rate of 1.53% increased for 11.04%)**
- 11,5% over the credit limit


Nominal interest rates on the foreign currency account 


- 9,6% p.a. up to the amount of the credit limit (1-month EURIBOR + 9.6%, but not less than 9.6%)***
- 9,496% over the credit limit

Utilization fees


at ATMs

at counters

of the Bank

2%, min.  100 den.

3%, min.  300 den.

of other banks in the country

3%, min.  250 den.

4%, min.  400 den.

of other banks abroad

3%, min.  4 EUR

4%, min.  6 EUR


* The annual membership for all types of cards shall be calculated on monthly basis, i.e. the account shall be debited in 12 equal installments. Debiting of the accounts shall be commenced in the month of expiry of the last paid membership fee, i.e. the free period of 12 months, depending on the date of issuance of the card.

** The reference interest rate shall be the rate announced and available on the web site of NBRM (www.nbrm.mk) each 25.06. and each 25.12. under the name “interest rate for denar deposits without currency clause” and shall apply for the current six-months period (until the end of the respective six-months period). Current applicable reference interest rate is 1.53%. The Bank shall regularly announce the applicable reference interest rate for interest calculation at its web site. LINK

*** The rate of 1-month EURIBOR shall be announced at each 31.12. and 30.06. at the web site of the Bank and shall apply for the current six-months period (until the end of the respective six-months period) LINK . If the rate is of negative value, its value shall be taken to be 0.00 when calculating the nominal interest rate.

**** If the nominal interest rate is higher than the legal default interest rate, the Bank shall calculate interest to the extent of the legal default interest rate, which currently is 6,5% p.a. on denar accounts and 9.496% on fx accounts.

 The Bank shall apply proportional method for calculation of interest.

Contact person

Elena Arsova Begic, Head of Bank Cards Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-108
Fax: (+389 2) 3114-232
e-mail: elena.arsova@kb.com.mk