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Tips for safe usage



Your card issued by Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is a safe way to handle your money. Having the safety as our priority, we have selected some advices that will help you during the everyday use of the cards.





When you get the card


  • Immediately sign the card on its back.
  • Remember the PIN code – never write it down.
  • Do not reveal your PIN code to anyone.

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At home


  • Keep the POS terminal slips from transactions made at points of sale and from ATM cash withdrawals and compare them to the data from the card’s monthly report.
  • If in the monthly report you notice a transaction that is wrong or that you cannot recall being made, immediately contact the Bank’s Authorization Center with the Bank Cards Unit at (+389 2) 3 247 474.
  • Keep a list of the card numbers of all of your cards.


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  • Make sure that no one is standing too close to you while you are at the ATM.
  • Follow the instructions on the ATM screen carefully.
  • Cover your arm when you enter the PIN code to make sure that no one is looking at the numbers that you type.
  • Do not forget to take the card at the and of the transaction.

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At points of sale


  • Check the transaction amount to make sure that it is the same as the amount that you have authorized by entering your PIN code and your signature.
  • Make sure that the teller has returned you the card and your copy of the slip for the transaction.
  • Keep your card close to you and beware of pickpockets.
  • Cover your arm when you enter the PIN code to make sure that no one is looking at the numbers that you type.


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While traveling


  • Before you leave, check the card expiry date and make sure that you have enough available funds on the account.
  • Always keep with you the telephone number of the Bank’s Authorization Center with the Bank Cards Unit (+389 2) 3 247 474.
  • Keep the card and the cash separately – so in case of losing you don’t lose them both.
  • Make copies of the cards and your passport and keep them in a safe place.
  • Follow the tips for safe usage at points of sale and ATMs.

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While shopping on the Internet


  • Shop only form reliable sites that you trust.
  • We recommend you to buy from the Internet sites having the sign of MasterCard SecureCode® or Verified by Visa. The Internet stores that do not have these signs haven’t got the 3D Secure standard and as such they bear increased risks from possible abuse.
  • Never enter your PIN code – it is never required for placing an order.
  • The following data are commonly required for making an Internet transaction: name and surname, address, card number, 3-digit validation code (marked on the back of the card) and the validity period.
  • Make sure that the Internet page on which you are entering the data form your card is safe – look for key or locker icon in the lower right corner of the screen and see if the Internet address begins with https:// instead of http://.
  • Keep records on internet sites you buy from. Many internet stores send an e-mail message to the buyer with all data of the order – keep the message and print it. It will help you in checking your statement of account and in case of complaint
  • Do not use a public computer. If you still buy through a public computer, do not use the “remember me” button and log out once you complete the order.
  • Never send data for your card if you have not initiated the order.
  • Check the terms for ordering and canceling of the order, since international orders and shipments can be subject to additional customs and other costs.
  • If you cancel the order, you must ask for a number certifying cancellation of the order, in order to avoid payment for the already cancelled order.
  • Ask for the seller’s telephone number and e-mail and write them down.
  • If you receive a notification for additional verification with a single-use code of 3DES Secure system, it will be sent to you by an SMS message to the phone number you had reported to the Bank. In order to realize the payment, you should enter this verification code in the window that will appear on the internet page.

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Authorization Center

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Fax: (+389 2) 3114 232

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