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Stock exchange intermediation

Our bank pays special attention to operations with legal entities in intermediation at purchase/sale of securities on the Macedonian Stock Exchange.

The following documents are required for trading with securities:
  • a copy of court registration
  • a copy of certificate from the Bureau of Statistics
  • Tax card and
  • denars account of the company with one of the banks in Macedonia.
Based on the stated documents a general cooperation agreement for cooperation shall be established.

In case of purchasing securities, the company is required before realization of the transaction to provide the funds necessary for the subject transactions, and in case of sale, the company shall be obliged to submit a certificate of ownership of securities by the Securities Depository Central. Then, the company shall give a trading order for trading (buying or selling) of certain securities.

The General Conditions of Komercijalna banka AD Skopje for securities operations, the Tariff and the Procedures for execution of clients' orders under the most favorable conditions may be downoloaded on the following links:

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