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Sale of documents for stake in KB Publikum - Balansiran


All interested legal entities and individuals may purchase stakes from the Investment Fund KB Publikum Balansiran of KB Publikum Invest AD Skopje at all counters of Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje.

Stake documents are available at the following city-branches of the Bank located in Skopje:


  1. Buket – next to the business premises of KB Publikum Invest
  2. Head Office of the Bank KB1
  3. 11 Oktomvri
  4. Avtokomanda
  5. Bunjakovec
  6. Biser
  7. GTC
  8. Drachevo
  9. Gjorce Petrov
  10. Jane Sandanski
  11. Leptokarija
  12. Kapishtec
  13. Madzari
  14. City Mall
  15. Makpetrol
  16. Cvetan Dimov
  17. Skopjnka 

These documents are also available in all city-branches and branches of the Bank throughout the country.

When submitting Admission and Application Forms for purchase of stake documents at the Bank’s counters, the clients should provide:


  1. individuals – documents for personal identification (ID card or passport)

  2. legal entities – valid document, in accordance with the law regulations, or Current State document from the registration or other document issued by competent authorities.

If, when submitting the Admission and Application Forms, the client – individual or legal entity, is represented by an Agent, the Forms submitted should be accompanied by notarized authorization document containing explicit authorization for purchasing stake documents, notarized copy of the personal identification document of the owner (ID card/passport) and document for personal identification of the authorized person/agent.

Stake value: The clients shall purchase stake documents in accordance with the value of the individual stake at the date of purchase (T), when the assets are paid in up to 2:00 pm on the current day. If the money assets are paid in after 2:00 pm on the current date, the stake documents shall be purchased according to the value of the individual stake on the next day of valuation (T+1).

For any further information, please visit the web site of KB Publikum Invest AD Skopje:

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Biljana Boceva, Chief Coordinator for Branch Network Management
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-912