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Corporate values


Corporate values reflect the beliefs which all related parties – customers, employees shareholders and partners share with us. They are values reflecting our business culture and priorities laid down by the corporative mission.



We are a bank that cultivates values, supports stability in all conditions and a bank which is traditionally the first to be chosen by customers.



A Bank that promptly and effectively finishes the undertaken activities.


We build the trust through open communication with clients, respecting their individuality and offering safe and quality service.



It is our responsibility to provide timely understandable and true information on the results from operation, as well as on other financial and non-financial issues to the interested clients, shareholders, business partners and to the overall public.



By introducing new products and services we keep on increasing and improving the quality we offer to our clients.


Social responsibility

As a socially responsible company we always work and shall work in terms of improving the quality of living in the society for all members thereof.


Team work

We share knowledge and experiences in order to fulfill the clients’ demands in quality manner, and acting together we contribute to the development of the Bank.

The Code of corporate governance (.pdf)

Personal Data Protection

Personal Data Protection is one of the Bank’s main priorities

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