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As a socially responsible company we always take an active part in the development and in the increase of prosperity of the nation, maintaining a healthy and clan environment. This is accomplished through the support which we give to the number of organizations, activities and events whit purpose of promotion and celebration of the success, innovation and progress in:

  • sport;     
  • Arts;     
  • scientific research activities and conferences;     
  • Social Affairs;     
  • the media;     
  • premises.     
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Komercijalna Banka sponsor of IFCF “Manaki Brothers”



This year, the International Film Camera Festival "Manaki Brothers" returns to Bitola with all its artistic value by its 42nd edition. From September 16 to 21 in Bitola, film artists and their fans will, through a hybrid form, have the opportunity to enjoy the program of the festival comprised of 10 feature films and 10 short films.


As a loyal partner of "Manaki Brothers" Festival, this year again, Komercijalna Banka financially supported the festival because it deserves all the glamor it carried over the years, which last year was overshadowed by the pandemic of the Covid-19 virus.


This year, the festival will be marked by the central event in the Patio of the Museum of Bitola under the motto "Despite Everything". In the short program includes the Macedonian premiere of the film "North Pole" by Marija Apchevska.


This year, the Golden Camera 300 Award for Lifetime Achievement will be presented to Austrian cinematographer Christian Berger, and the winner of the "Big Star of Macedonian Film", awarded by the Association of Film Workers of the Republic of North Macedonia, is the actor Bajram Severdzan.

Support from Komercijalna Banka in memory of Tose Proeski




The musical legacy that Tose Proeski has left us is both a source of pride and a responsibility to maintain and appreciate it. As a result, the Association of Macedonian Vlach Businessmen - MANDRA from Skopje proposed that the pedestrian street Tose Proeski in the Skopje settlement Aerodrom be sounded to transmit music by Tose Proeski on a permanent basis.


Komercijalna Banka is pleased to financially support the project for the realization of this noble idea. Tose Proeski's music deserves to live with the memories of him.



The concert of Vlatko Stefanovski Trio sponsored by Komercijalna Banka


Enjoying the first big promotion of "Taftalidze Shuffle" in Ohrid on August 5, 2021, music enthusiasts will be able to complete the musical experience provided by Vlatko Stefanovski's new album.


Komercijalna Banka, as proven partner and supporter of Macedonian music, is delighted to inform the public that it is a sponsor of this magnificent event by the Macedonian music icon. Stefanovski's most recent musical piece was previously sponsored by the Bank.

Komercijalna Banka sponsor of the manifestation “Galichka svadba”






Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje this year once again is sponsor of the manifestation “Galichka svadba” (Galichnik Wedding Festival), which is traditionally held around the religious holiday Petrovden. This year it will be held from July 16 to 18 in Galichnik, and the event will be harmonized with the Covid-protocols for organizing cultural events.


"Galichnik Wedding" is an internationally established cultural event. The New York Times listed it among the nine must-attend European festivals in 2018, and National Geographic magazine described it as the most traditional wedding festival in Europe.


The support for "Galichnik Wedding" is only part of the overall support given by the Bank of Culture and the unique values in the domestic cultural creation, which contributes to raising the level of cultural living in our society.

Sponsor of the Festival “Za Petrovden site na planina”

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is a sponsor of the fourteenth International Ethno-Festival of Original Vlach Songs entitled "For St. Peter's Day - all on the mountain", which will be held on Ponikva Mountain near Kocani on July 10, 2021 during the religious holiday St. Peter's Day and organized by the Vlach singing group "Gramosteanj" from Skopje. Several soloists and singing groups will take part in this festival.


Following its commitment to social responsibility, Komercijalna Banka once again gladly stood in support of the true artistic values ??that enrich the cultural life in the country.


Sponsor of the Association “Vicho”

This year again, the Bank is a sponsor of the activities of the Association "Vicho", which is the organizer of the traditional event whose main goal is affirmation, protection and struggle to confirm the independence of the Macedonian people and its socio-cultural identity.


This meeting will traditionally be held for the 41st time on August 2, 2021 in the temple of the Holy Mother of God in Trnovo - village at the foot of Pelister Mountain.

Komercijalna Banka sponsor of the Chamber Orchestra "Skopski solisti" (“Skopje Soloists”) concert

In its commitment to support the true values, Komercijalna Banka has, through another sponsorship, stood on the side of the real art.

This year again, the Bank is pleased to support to the Chamber Orchestra "Skopje Soloists" for the realization of the concert that will be held on June 19 at the Army Hall. The concert titled "Podium of Youth" (“Podium na mladi”) will be performed by Milena Arsova, soprano, and Sofija Nikoska, violin, conducted by maestro Ivan Eminovic.





04.06.2021 - Komercijalna Banka sponsor of the 40th jubilee edition "Small Montmartre of Bitola"




This year, the children's art festival "Small Montmartre of Bitola", which achieved world fame, marks its 40th jubilee edition. Komercijalna Banka is proud to announce that this year too, it has traditionally been a sponsor of the young artists, who create world-class art in Bitola every year.


"Small Montmartre of Bitola" was held from May 23-30 in Bitola, and was realized in accordance with the recommendations and measures for health protection in conditions of the Covid-19 virus pandemic.


Traditionally, the children's art festival "Small Montmartre of Bitola" is an international cultural and educational event, which develops children's art through the participation of young artists from all over the world. This event is already established on the art scene and makes a huge contribution to the affirmation of the country. Recognizing the imperative to encourage and support young artists, Komercijalna Banka has been a partner of "Small Montmartre of Bitola" for years, because, among other things, part of the national art treasury is created there.


Komercijalna Banka is the General Sponsor of “Novel of the Year” award for 2020





This year, again, Komercijalna Banka had the honor to be the General Sponsor of the significant award "Novel of the Year" for 2020, which was awarded to Vladimir Jankovski for his novel "Hidden Wishes, Restless Travels", published by "Antolog".


This, already traditional and prestigious award in the field of domestic cultural creation is awarded by the Foundation for Promotion of Culture "Slavko Janevski". Its value is even greater because it is awarded to a novel that was published for the first time, which contributes to the affirmation of the Macedonian novelist production and the support of domestic authors.


This year, the decision on the award was made by a jury composed of: Olivera Nikolova (laureate for 2019), Zoran Anchevski, Kalina Maleska, Zivko Grozdanovski and Katerina Bogoeva.


"We need literature and storytelling because they show that life is full of nuances, it is not just black and white, but full of different perspectives. We should all try to make literature and art reach our fellow citizens because that creates a more complex perspective on the life around us. That is why stories and literature are very important ", said the laureate Jankovski at the award ceremony.


The Bank is general sponsor of the "Novel of the Year" award from 2017, providing a money award in the amount of 150,000 Denars for the Laureate and another 183,000 Denars money compensation for the members of the jury.




Continued cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia


For 11 years in a row, Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, as general sponsor, has fruitful cooperation with the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia for  realization of the Project “Podobra socijalizacija na decata i mladite so posebni potrebi” (Better socialization of children and juveniles with special needs).


By joining this Project, the Bank, as a socially responsible company, enables children and youth with special needs to develop a healthy spirit and creative capacity, to be further educated and to be fully integrated into society.


The continuation of cooperation with the Red Cross and support to this Project confirm our efforts for a long-term and systematic approach to improving the condition of vulnerable categories in the community.

Komercijalna Banka dhe Mastercard® me donacion prej 10.000 euro per ndihme dhe kujdes te femijeve me autizem


 Festat e Vitit të Ri dhe të Krishtlindjeve këtë vit, si kurrë më parë, nxorrën në pah vlerat familjare, respektin dhe përgjegjësinë, vlerën e madhe të ndihmës dhe kujdesit për të tjerët. Por, vlerat humane dhe përgjegjësia shoqërore janë vazhdimisht pjesë e parimeve të praktikës afariste të Komercijalna Banka. Ne ndihmojmë që të gjithë të fitojmë.

Me të njëjtin mision Komercijalna Banka e filloi edhe vitin e ri, ndërsa kujdesi dhe ndihma kësaj radhe u dedikohet fëmijëve me autizëm. Banka dhe Mastercard® në projektin e tyre me rastin e 25 vjetorit të bashkëpunimit ofruan një donacion në vlerë prej 612.308 denarë për katër shoqata që kujdesen për ndihmë dhe përfshirje më të madhe të fëmijëve me autizëm. Ndihmë financiare morrën Shoqata shkencore e Maqedonisë për Autizëm, Shoqata e qytetarëve për trajtimin e personave me autizëm, ADHD dhe sindromi i Asperger "Në botën time", Shoqata për përmirësimin e cilësisë së jetës së personave me çrregullime të spektrit të autizmit "Xixëllonja e kaltërt" dhe shoqata е Maqedonisë Boccia Shtip, për realizimin e projekteve që duhet të ndihmojnë fëmijët me autizëm dhe prindërit e tyre që më lehtë të përballen me situatën në të cilën ndodhen, veçanërisht në kushtet e pandemisë.

Projekti humanitar u realizua me rastin e 25 vjetorit nga lëshimi i kartelës së parë Mastercard nga Komercijalna Banka, e cila ishte edhe karta e parë Mastercard në vendin tonë. Fushata "Komercijalna Banka dhe Mastercard® - Së bashku për diçka që nuk ka çmim" u realizua në periudhën nga 15 dhjetor deri më 8 janar. Derisa klientët tanë shijonin blerjet festive, ne, për çdo transaksion të tyre të bërë me kartat Mastercard të Komercijalna Banka në pikat e shitjes ose online, ndanim nga fondet tona për donacion për fëmijët me autizëm.

Komercijalna Banka sponsor of Vlatko Stefanovski’s new album



Music and pleasure always come in pair. This time, the music is brought by our legend Vlatko Stefanovski, who showed his latest album "Taftalidze Shuffle" to the Macedonian audience, and the pleasure is all ours as a sponsor of this latest musical work of the guitar virtuoso. The online promotion of the album took place in the premises of the bookstore in City Mall Shopping Centre in Skopje together with the video called "Mirror". Looking forward to his promotional concert, we once again send congratulations to our virtuoso Vlatko Stefanovski.

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