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Strategic approach


Governed by the determination for systematic acting and full harmonization with the changes in the complex environment, Komercijalna Banka developed its Strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility as a benchmark for its activities in this sphere for the period 2017 – 2021.


The Strategy formalizes the objectives, activities and the directions of the actions and management of the social responsible activities of the Bank. It is created in a manner that appropriately incorporates the ten principles of the UN Global Compact regarding the existing and anticipated events that have impact on the operation of the Bank and on the needs of its interested parties. The intention of this systematic approach is not only to face the incitements in a thorough and proactive manner but also to inspire the others to follow our dedication.


The activities of the Bank take into account the needs of and relations with the interested parties: the employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers, competition, the community and the environment. Thus, the steps and priorities related to the social responsibility are defined in a manner that provides balanced approach towards all interested parties.


The measures and activities that the Bank undertakes to realize its social responsible behavior are as follows:


Sponsorships – business relation between the Bank which provides finances or material assets or services, on the one side, and individuals, organizations or events which, when offered as recompense, contribute in strengthening the corporate image of the Bank and acquiring other advantages versus the competition. For more information and applying for sponsorship please follow the link.


Donations – business relation between the Bank and individuals, organizations or events where the Ban offers finances or material assets or services without requiring any kind of recompense therefor. Donation applications may be submitted in hard copy or send to the following e-mail addresses and


Education – sharing the specific knowledge and skills of the Bank’s employees with certain target groups having benefit therefrom. For any further information and requirements please write or send an e-mail to the following e-mail address


Volunteering – activities of the Bank’s employees and/or shareholders for the benefit of other people or certain objective, free of charge for the time spent and service provided. For any further information and requirements please write or send an e-mail to the following e-mail address


Working processes – decisions of the Bank’s bodies that may have positive outcome for the Bank’s interested parties. These measures and activities include decisions on reduced energy spent, use of “clear” sources of energy, recycling of materials, amendments and supplements to the operative guidelines and of the operative processes, trainings of the employees, etc.


There is social responsibility coordination body established and functioning within the organization structure of the Bank, which is responsible for involving all other organization parts of the Bank in the planning and realization of the activities related to social responsibility. Thus, the intentions of this coordination body are that social responsibility ideas and principles are shared with and accepted by all employees of the Bank.

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