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FX accounts to individuals

Residents and non-residents can open foreign currency accounts.

When opening an FX account as a resident , you are required to hold a valid identity card or North Macedonian passport and present it at the Bank’s counter. A resident foreign currency account can be opened in the Head Office of the Bank and in all branches and city-branches.

When opening foreign currency account as a non-resident  you are required to hold a valid passport issued with a foreign country, with foreign personal address. In case the address is not properly stated in your passport, you are obliged to provide written statement which comprises all the necessary information in your ID document within the Bank.

The written statement is not required for residents of North Macedonia neighboring countries. In that case, instead of written statement, you are obliged to submit bill/invoice for payment of the public services on the address you permanently live.

For opening an account, The Bank shall calculate one-off fee at the amount of 10 eur.

Contact person

Marijana Geric Spasic, Head of International Payment Operations Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-196
e-mail: Marijana.Gerik.Spasik@kb.com.mk
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