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What you need to know about the domestic payment operations

Domestic payment operations are comprised of payments in denars made by the participants in the
payment operations through the institutions responsible for conducting payment operations.


Institutions responsible for conducting payment operations are: National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia, the banks that have obtained license to perform payment operations and the Treasury at the Ministry of Finance.


Participant in the payment operations may be any domestic or foreign, legal entity or individual performing registered activity or other individual who makes denar payments through the institutions responsible for conducting payment operations.


Payment system in the Republic of North Macedonia offers efficiency, functionality and transparency in the way of conducting the financial transactions and connecting the legal entities with their banks. The payment operations rely upon the three settlement sub-systems, as follows:

  • The NBRNM system called MIPS is on the top of the pyramid, through which the interbank payments on high amounts (over 1 million denars) are executed and each individual transaction is settled in real time through the accounts of banks with NBRNM. Therefore, this type of payment is more expensive and is used for payments on higher amounts and for urgent payments.

  • The second settlement system is the Clearing House which is intended for execution of the credit payment orders (to 1 million denars), which are sent in packages, and the settlement is carried out at multilateral net principle. Settlement of the net positions of banks is exercised at the end of the working day in the NBRNM system. Therefore this type of payment is used for execution of small and non-urgent payment orders. The funds processed through this system can be used by the beneficiary upon completion of the settlement.
  • Payments between entities which are clients of the same business bank are settled through the internal payment system of the bank.  These payments are the cheapest and are executed at the moment of processing of the payment order. The higher is the number of account holders with a bank the bigger is the possibility to use this payment system.


In the new payment system, legal entities may have an account with one bank and accounts with several banks. The number of the opened accounts of the legal entity is an important business decision, whose consequences do not only reflect on the extent of the costs of the payment operations but on the transparency and liquidity of the operation as well.


All the accounts opened with banks are registered in a register of the account holders (ERIS) kept by the Clearing House, to which all the banks are obliged to submit data from their register of account holders.


Payment instruments that are most frequently used in the domestic payment operations, prescribed by “the Guidelines on the form and contents of the payment instruments for conduct of the domestic payment operations” (Official Gazette of RM 43/2001 and 103/2001), are as follows:

Payment slip (form PP10);
Order for cash payment (form PP40);
Transfer order (form PP30);
Public revenue payment order (form PP50);
 Total order for payment of the entire salary (form PP53)



When conducting the domestic payment operations you will need the following information as well:

Contact person

Biljana Adamceska, Chief Coordinator for Domestic Payment Operations
Phone: (+389 2) 3168–903
e-mail: Biljana.Adamceska@kb.com.mk
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