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Consumer loan for pensioners


APPLY ONLINE – For users of the e-banking service, who have enabled option to execute payments, the Bank provided faster and easier procedure for online applying for a loan.


Purpose For pensioners who receive their pensions on their accounts with the Bank
Loan amount

from MKD 10,000 up to MKD 100,000

Loan term from 12 up to 48 months
Grace period

Possibility of a grace period of 6 months. Within the loan term, the Bank shall calculate and charge grace period interest to the extent of the loan interest rate.

Nominal interest rate 5.05% p.a., variable (reference interest rate of 1.28% increased for 3.77%, but not more than the legal penalty interest for denar claims)*
* The reference interest rate shall be the rate announced and available on the web site of NBRM (www.nbrm.mk) each 25.06. and each 25.12. under the name “interest rate for denar deposits without currency clause” and shall apply for the current six-months period (until the end of the respective six-months period). Current applicable reference interest rate is 1.28%. The Bank shall regularly announce the applicable reference interest rate for interest calculation at its website.LINK
Annual rate of total expenses (RTE) 6,51% p.a. (RTE extent depends on the loan repayment period, loan amount, the amount of the loan costs that are included in the calculation of RTE and the extent of the nominal interest rate)
Early repayment Early partial or full loan repayment shall be free of charge
  • Pensioners who receive their pensions on their transaction accounts with the Bank in the amount of at least MKD 12,000 
  • The monthly instalment should be covered by 1/3 of the applicant’s monthly net-income
  • The age of the Borrower should not exceed 72 years with the last monthly instalment
  • Guarantors should be full-time employees of companies acceptable for the Bank. The age of the guarantors should not exceed 64 years for men or 62 years for women with the last monthly installment
  • Maximum period for loan funds disbursement is 60 days from the date of loan approval
  • Loan funds are transferred on the Borrower’s transaction account
Loan costs
  • 2% of the loan amount, minimum MKD 500
  • MKD 300 for loan application and processing
  • Charges for the grace period interest (the grace period interest rate is calculated from the date of disbursement of funds till the date of commencement of repayment at interest rate equal to the interest rate of the loan)
  • Bill of exchange costs
  • For loan amount up to MKD 50,000, guarantor is not required
  • For loan amount from MKD 50,000.00 to MKD 100,000 one creditworthy guarantor is required
  • Standing order on the applicant’s account
  • Administrative ban on salary of the guarantor
  • Draft and draft statement signed by the applicant and the guarantor
  • monthly instalments
  • instalment becoming due - on the 16th day of each month
Documents required

Komercijalna Banka shall keep its discretion right to reject the loan application

* More information at:

or at contact center: 
(02) 3 296 800



Natasa Baljuk Ristovska, Head of Loan Approval and Disbursement Unit
e-mail: natasa.baljuk.ristovska@kb.com.mk

Julijana Nikcevska, Loan Approval and Disbursement Control Officer
e-mail: julijana.nikcevska@kb.com.mk
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