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3DES Secure online payment


Additional protection of your Internet transactions with cards


3DES Secure is a security system which provides highest level of security in online transactions with cards.


The 3DES Secure system makes automatic computer analysis of each Internet payment in order to ensure that the transaction was initiated by the real cardholder. This verification provides additional protection to clients and prevents abuse before it happens.


3DES Secure is recognized as a highest international standards for protection of Internet transactions. The 3DES Secure mechanism is focused on identity theft protection of card users and protection from abuse of data from the card (card number, expiry date and CVC/CVV2 code).


The protection is at real time and fro each Internet transaction. The service is used while purchasing from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. No password, additional equipment or special software is necessary.


3DES Secure for MasterCard cards is used under the name of MasterCard SecureCode®, while for Visa cards under the name of Visa Secure.




Great number of domestic an international Internet stores (sites) are certified and support the 3DES Secure technology. They can be recognized by having the sign of MasterCard SecureCode® or Visa Secure on their sites, indicating that the web site is legal and safe for buying online.



The service is free of charge


The 3DES Secure service is completely free of charge for all users of MasterCard® and Visa cards, issued by Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, and it is not subject to any subscription or fee.


By introducing the 3DES Secure technology Komercijalna Banka provides highest level of security from possible card abuse and safe use of cards online.


All MasterCard® and Visa cards of Komercijalna Banka, both credit and debit ones, are automatically registered for this type of protection. No additional registration or application is required.



How does it work?


For this authentication method, the procedure for buying online is usual.


However, if the system (based on artificial intelligence) finds out that certain transaction is risky or non-standard for the client, the Bank shall send an SMS verification code to the cardholder. In order to realize the payment, the cardholder should enter the verification code in the window that will appear on the internet page.


It does not mean that all online transactions are subject to verification by an SMS message from the Bank. An SMS verification code shall only be sent for the transactions assessed as risky and non-standard.


The following message appears on the window when processing the Internet transaction with 3DES Secure:





If everything is all right, the transaction shall be realized in a few seconds and the message on the window shall be closed.


In case of a risky or non-standard transaction, the Bank shall send an SMS verification code to the cardholder. The cardholder needs to enter the verification code in order to realize the payment.

The following message shall appear on the screen:




Frequently asked questions


What shall I get from this technology?

3DES Secure protects your card from unauthorized transactions and provides full safety for you while buying online.


Is use of 3DES Secure service charged?

3DES Secure service is not charged. It is allowed free of charge for all users of MasterCard® and Visa cards issued by Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje and it is not subject to any subscription or fee.  


Where can I buy with this additional security?

The Internet sites which enable this technology have the signs of MasterCard SecureCode® o or Visa Secure.


Should the stores without the signs of MasterCard SecureCode® or Visa Secure be avoid?

The Internet stores that do not have these signs haven’t got the 3DES Secure standard, they do not enable transaction authentication and as such they bear increased risks from possible abuse.


Why do we need this new protection? Is it possible that Komercijalna Banka has not seriously considered my security so far?

Your security has always been of high priority for Komercijalna Banka. 3DES Secure, i.e. Mastercard SecureCode®  and Visa Secure, is a highest international standard for protection which has been introduced by Komercijalna Banka as additional security, in order to provide full safety for you while buying online.


I have received an e-mail from MasterCard SecureCode®/Visa Secure requesting me to update my data. Is that all right?

Mastercard SecureCode®, Visa Secure and Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje will never send you an e-mail requesting you to update your data for any reason. If you receive such an e-mail message, it is a fraud attempt and you should immediately report it to the Bank  at the phone number on the reverse side of the card (02/3247-474).



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