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Payments for obtaining visas


Payments for USA visa


As from 03.12.2012, a new way of payment for American visa was introduced at the KB’s counters.


Payments for American visa in North Macedonia shall be executed at the KB’s counters in cash only.


Clients applying for USA visa can do it by logging in the web site intended for that purpose http://MACEDONIA.usvisa-info.com.


Having logged in and filled out the required data for applying for American visa, if he/she chooses to pay the administrative tax in cash, the client shall print Payment order CSC consular services administrative tax for USA visa in two copies.


The client shall come to the KB’s counter with the printed payment order to effect the payment. Payment shall be executed in denars, for which the client shall get a receipt evidencing executed payment.


Upon expiry of two days at least from the executed payment, the client shall again log in the same web site entering part of the data from the payment order received at the Bank’s counter. After that he/she shall be notified about the exact time for interview in the Embassy. All communication with the client is conducted through the indicated web site.


Payments for obtaining visas


Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje takes payments for obtaining visas for the following countries:

  • Ukraine;
  • Hungary;
  • Montenegro and
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Payments for obtaining visas for Ukraine, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina are available at all counters of the Bank’s branches and city-branches. Payments for obtaining visas for Montenegro are available only in the Bank’s Head Office.


Payments for obtaining visas are effected in accordance with the terms and conditions set for respective type of visa, being specific for each country.


Contact persons

Biljana Boceva, Chief Coordinator for Branch Network Management
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-912
e-mail: biljana.boceva@kb.com.mk

Biljana Adamceska, Chief Coordinator for Domestic Payment Operations
Phone: (+389 2) 3168–903
e-mail: Biljana.Adamceska@kb.com.mk
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