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contact center:
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Internet Bank for individuals

The Internet Bank service for individuals is a modern technical solution by which we meet your sophisticated needs and bring our services closer to you. Through the Internet Bank, you can use a wide range of banking services anywhere in the world, at any time, 24 hours a day, regardless of the working hours of the Bank.

Internet Bank is a service by means of which you need not to go to the Bank’s counters and you are provided with:

  • quick and effective execution of digitally signed financial transactions;
  • simple use – User Guide for Internet Bank;
  • maximal safety and protection – Rules of operation - residents;
    - Rules of operation - non-residents;
  • payments for public utilities and other denar payments in the country;
  • purchase/sale of foreign currencies (non-cash);
  • transfer of funds from time savings deposits on demand savings deposits, such as: on already opened FX savings accounts of the Beneficiary and on opened Denar savings accounts for which the Beneficiary has authorization for having insight in;
  • transfer of funds from a client’s savings deposits account to client’s transaction account;
  • creating and sending payment orders in denars to non-residents in the country:
  • creating and sending payment orders in foreign currencies to non-residents in the country and abroady
  • check of the account balance and the daily movements on your denar and foreign currency accounts, savings deposits, payment cards and loans;
  • view of loan repayment schedule and of all payments realized on loan sub-accounts;
  • change of limits for POS terminal and ATM card transactions; 
  • printing statements for your denar and foreign currency accounts and payment cards; 
  • online application for consumer loan and other requirements related to loans;
  • online application for credit cards;
  • submission of online complaints regarding cards transactions;
  • correction of subscriptions granted

All you need is: :
  • a personal computer and
  • Internet access.

You can submit the filled-in Application for using the service along with the required additional documentation to any larger city-branch with responsible officer or to any branch of the Bank.

The Bank provides internet banking services for the blind. Assigning subscriptions for use of the e-banking services to a blind person is conducted in presence of two witnesses. One of the witnesses must be an employee of the Bank, or both witnesses may be employed in the Bank. The witnesses read the contents of the Application, the Agreement and General Conditions for use of e-banking services for individuals through the Internet Bank. The client confirms the consent that he/she understands and accepts the provisions stipulated by these documents by signing the Statement for applying for a debit or credit card for individuals by a facsimile. The witnesses sign the same statement with full name, surname and signature stating that the client is familiar with the contents of the documents and that he/she accepts them.

The service of internet banking for a blind person is available only in the Bank’s Head Office in Skopje and in the Bank’s branches throughout the country.

Statement for use of Internet Bank by a blind person

Information about the service, as well as the filling in the forms and application for Internet Bank  is available at the following phone number:
  • (+389 2) 3168-177

In order to arrange appointment for reissuance of digital certificates please contact:
  • (+389 2) 3168-177, Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00

For help, questions and technical support please contact:
  • the Contact-Centre on (+389 2) 3296 800 (select 2), Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00, Saturday from 08:00 to 14:00 or
  • e-mail address: support@kb.com.mk.




Issuance of a list of codes for one use

free of charge

Issuance of a digital USB token certificate
  • first issuance

1.500 denars

  • re-issuance every third year 

500 denars

  • unblocking

500 denars

  • first issuance of digital certificate, on own USB token

300 denars


Promotional tariff
non-cash payments through internal clearing:

7 denars per order form

non-cash payments through KIBS:


- order form to 10.000 denars

13 denars per order form

- order form to 10.000 denars

18 denars per order form

non-cash payments through MIPS

100 denars per order form

non-cash (with order forms) payments from transaction accounts of citizens in favour of legal entities the Bank has concluded agreement with for regulation of mutual relations

on the account of the legal entity subject to agreement

non-cash (with order forms) payments from transaction accounts of citizens in favour of citizens’ accounts with the Bank:


- from own account in favour of : own account, someone else’s account

Free of charge

Contact person

Neda Radnjanska, Head of Transaction Accounts Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-265
Fax: (+389 2) 3220-987
e-mail: neda.radnjanska@kb.com.mk
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