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Mobile application KomPay







What is KomPay?


KomPay is a free mobile application of Komercijalna Banka allowing contactless payment at points of sale.


The KomPay application allows you, by means of digitalized payment cards, to make payments at POS terminals having the contactless payment technology without using the bank card physically.


By means of KomPay, the mobile phone shall become a substitute for a payment card.


Payment cards issued by Komercijalna Banka can simply be digitalized in the KomPay application and be safely kept in the smartphone. Thereby, contactless payment is allowed with a smartphone instead with a card.


KomPay allows you to choose the digitalized card you want to effect payment with. Possibilities for use of the digitalized bank card are in accordance with the funds available on the account of the physical debit card, respectively as per statement of the credit card account.


KomPay is the first such application available on the Macedonian market allowing citizens to use the up-to-date technology for payment of this type.










  • Your smartphone is always in your hands, and from now on you will be enabled to execute payments therewith;
  • you can use it at any POS terminal having the feature of contactless payment with cards (PayPass);
  • from now on each Mastercard® card of Komercijalna Banka may be contactless;
  • you can execute payments without active internet connection (up to 10 payments before your reconnection);
  • it allows quick, easy and secure payment at a great number of points of sale worldwide;
  • the most up-to-date technology is used for execution of payments and for protection;
  • free of charge for downloading and activation of the application;
  • registration of two Mastercard® cards per user in the promotion period up to 31.12.2021 free of charge.



For successful registration of the KomPay mobile application, you need:


  • to have an active card issued by the Bank;
  • to download the recent version of the KomPay mobile application from Google Play Store;
  • to provide active internet connection;
  • to activate the NFC option on your mobile device;
  • to register your e-mail address to which the Bank shall send you a verification code;
  • to accept the Terms for use of KomPay ;
  • to choose a PIN you can use to log in and execute payments.


KomPay can digitalize any Mastercard® card you hold, either the plastic card you have is contactless or not.


Note: With KomPay you cannot digitalize domestic payment cards “Kupuvam Domashno”.


The procedure for digitalization of the physical card on the KomPay mobile application is realized in several steps:


  1. Enter the details from the physical bank card, i.e. the card number, validity term and CVC2 code;
  2. You will be sent a verification code as a transaction amount, which shall be recorded as a reserved transaction on the account of the card you are digitalizing;
  3. Enter the verification code (3 figures without a decimal separator) in the respective field of the KomPay mobile application;
  4. Accept the Terms for use of digitalized bank cards  through the KomPay mobile application;
  5. Digitalization is considered successful once you see the image of the respective card on the screen of the KomPay mobile application


Executing payments in one second


Со You can pay with KomPay at any point of sale having the feature of contactless payment::






The payment process with KomPay is very easy:






Open the application and select the card you will pay with

Touch the POS terminal with your smartphone

Realized payment



The list of points of sale with the contactless payment feature is constantly being increased. You may expect to be enabled to make contactless payments in restaurants, cafés, gas stations, shops of any type, supermarkets and many other places.





At the moment, KomPay is available for Android™ devices by downloading it from Google Play, free of charge. You need to have a device with at least Android 5.1 and NFC technology.



All Mastercard® payment cards issued by Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje – debit, credit, premium and business can be digitalized with KomPay. Further versions of the application will allow digitalization of Visa cards of the Bank, for which you will be informed on time.






Use the promotional period by 31.12.2021 and digitalize up to two Mastercard® cards from Komercijalna Banka, free of charge.


Downloading and activation of the application

free of charge

Card digitalization

150 denars per card, VAT included, one-off fee


*Digitalization of one card is subject to one-off fee. In case of replacement of the plastic by a card already digitalized (because of renewal, damage or theft) the Bank shall not charge digitalization fees once again.


For any technical problems or ambiguities, please contact our bank cards support center:

Tel.: (+389 2) 3247-474 available for our clients 24/7

E-mail: support@kb.com.mk



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