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Foreign currency accounts for legal entities

By opening an FX transaction account with Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, the account holder may effect incoming payments from abroad, outgoing payments abroad and other activities related to the FX payment operations, as well as services in the domain of documentary collections, FX guarantees etc., according to the law regulations regulating the FX operations.

FX accounts with Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje are tailored according to the clients’ needs providing utilization of all financial services offered by the Bank in FX operations. Choose the FX account according to the status of your legal entity.

Residents are domestic legal entities seated in the Republic of North Macedonia, affiliates of foreign legal entities recorded in the Trade Register of the Republic of North Macedonia and public enterprises that are financed individually, as well as nonprofit institutions having status of a legal entity according to another law, different from the Companies Act. Residents may open only one FX account with one commercial bank.

Non-resident account with the Bank may be opened by each legal entity registered abroad as well as diplomatic representatives and representatives of international organizations accredited in the Republic of North Macedonia. The non-resident legal entity may open only one account with the Bank.

Pursuant to the Law on FX Operations, the legal entity opening a non-resident account cannot have a status of a resident. Thus, the representative office of a domestic legal entity abroad shall have a status of a resident, while the affiliate of a domestic legal entity registered abroad shall have a status of a non-resident.

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