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Main information on corporate lending

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje pays special attention to the credit support to legal entities. The Bank’s expert team shall give you advice and provide you with quality and efficient service.

Process of approving

The application submitted is considered together with the complete documentation. Afterwards, the complete documentation is being analyzed for the purpose of determining the creditability of the applicant and the creditworthiness of the project.

The information on the client are provided from the Bank's own information and from the client itself.

The client shall be advised whether the loan is approved or not in due time.

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Repayment period

The maximum loan repayment period shall be up to 10 years with grace period of 2 years included.

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Fees and other charges

The Bank shall charge 0.05 % to 1.5% fee, paid one-off, on the disbursed loan amount, depending on the type of the loan, loan repayment period and loan repayment resources.

Fee for evaluation of real estate (follow the link).

Fee for issuing consents related to property with lien established thereon in favor of the Bank (follow the link).

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Documentation required

1.The loan application should be comprised of the following elements:

  • Name of the company
  • Address
  • Founders and managing bodies
  • If the founders are also founders in other companies, these companies should be stated, together with the percentage of participation in the company's capital
  • Managing in other companies
  • Business code
  • Registered number
  • Giro account number
  • Borrower's bank/banks
  • Purpose and amount of the loan requested, with an explanation
  • Main business line
  • Organizational chart
  • Number of employees and their qualification structure
  • Technical-technological equipment and facilities utilization level
  • Products assortment expressed in physical volume and in value
  • Business contracts concluded
  • Specification of the main purchasers and suppliers
  • Report on the inventories
  • Indebtedness with other banks and financial institutions
  • Future commitments (L/C-s, L/G-s etc.)
  • Description of the collateral offered
  • Repayment resources (cash flow)
  • Business contracts concluded and expected foreign currency inflow from export projection for foreign currency inflows and outflows

For long term loans, investment elaborate is requred together with financial projections for required period of loan repayment.

    2. Copy of the company's registration certificate with all the attachments.*
    3. Authorized signatures form certified by the client's bank.*
    4. Notification on the Company's main activity.*
    5. Turnover on client's denar and foreign currency accounts opened with other banks
    6. Financial statements for the year-end (for the last two years) and interim financial statements (for the Bank's needs)
    7. Audited financial statements for applicants who are legally obliged to prepare these reports
    8. Foreign exchange balance sheet – structure of the receivables and liabilities from-of abroad, stated in currencies by period of collection and payment.
    9. List of all the property owned by the applicant (movable and immovable), signed by the Applicant
    10. Property ownership certificate for the collateral offered:
          10.1.Property document for immovable property
          10.2. Invoices and import customs declarations for movable property.

    * Only for the clients that do not have giro account opened with Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje.

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Manufacturing Department

Biljana Hadzi Velkova,  Manufacturing Lending Department Manager
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-544; (+389 2) 3168-545; (+389 2) 3168-549; (+389 2) 3168-550

Agriculture Lending Department

Elena Spirovska, Manager of Agriculture Lending Department
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-507; (+389 2) 3168-526; (+389 2) 3168-524; (+389 2) 3168-522

Trade and Tourism Lending Department

Antina Zivkovic, Trade and Tourism Lending Department Manager
Phone: (+389 2) 3161-966; (+389 2) 3168-567; (+389 2) 3168-568

Construction, Transport and Other Department

Natasa Stoimenova, Construction, Transport and Other Activities Lending Department Manager
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-530; (+389 2) 3168-535; (+389 2) 3168-536; (+389 2) 3168-537

Corporate Lending Division

Ilija Mircevski, Chief Coordinator for Corporate Lending
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-504
Fax: (+389 2) 3247-468
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