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contact center:
(02) 3 296 800

Foreign currency loans

The Bank shall approve FX loans denominated in EUR to export-oriented clients realizing their net FX inflows through their accounts with the Bank.

The Applicant should provide an appropriate collateral such as mortgage on real estate, pledge, bank guarantee, etc.

The maximum loan repayment period shall be up to 10 years with grace period of 2 years included.

Contact persons

Ilija Mircevski, Chief Coordinator for Corporate Lending
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-504
Fax: (+389 2) 3247-468
e-mail: ilija.mircevski@kb.com.mk

Elena Spirovska, Manager of Agriculture Lending Department
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-509
e-mail: elena.spirovska@kb.com.mk

Ivona Doneva, Foreign currency Loans and Foreign currency Guarantees Department Manager
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-619
Fax: (+389 2) 3220 981
e-mail: ivona.doneva@kb.com.mk

Natasa Stojanova Mickovska, Chief Coordinator for International Operations
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-606
Fax: (+389 2) 3220 981
e-mail: natasa.stojanova@kb.com.mk
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