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contact center:
(02) 3 296 800

Loans to agricultural industry supported by USAID

Eligible borrowers

Individuals, micro, small and medium sized companies, agricultural cooperatives and farms in Macedonia


For fixed assets -investments

  • purchase of new equipment and technologies (including introduction of the “drop by drop” system),
  • expansion or replacement of plantage and greenhouses,
  • increase of the livestock unit
  • construction and modernization of the production facilities,
  • building sale centers
  • adaptation o houses for development of rural tourism
  • projects supported by IPARD and projects under the National program for rural development of the Agency for financial support to the agriculture and rural development

up to 20% of the total loan amount approved may be used for working capital


Loan terms and conditions maximal amount
  • up to USD 500.000
repayment term
  • up to 10 years
grace period
  • up to 2 years
  • MKD or EUR
Interest rate
  • Reference rate + interest margin up to 3.30 p.p., p.a., but not less than 2.30 p.p.
The reference interest rate shall be the rate announced and available on the web site of NBRM (www.nbrm.mk) each 25.06. and each 25.12. under the name „interest rate for denar deposits without currency clause“ and shall apply for the current six-months period (until the end of the respective six-months period).
  • six-months EURIBOR for EUR + interest margin up to 5.00 percentage points p.a., but not less than 4.00 percentage points (for fx loans)
The reference interest rate shall be the rate of six-months EURIBOR published on each 31.12. and each 0.06. on the web site of the Bank and shall be applied for the current six months (up to the end of the six months period). If the rate is with negative value, the value of 0.00 shall be taken in the calculation of the nominal interest rate.
  • 0,3% - follow-up and running the arrangement under the sub-loan;
  • 0,3% of the amount of disbursed loan proceeds, but not more than MKD 100.000,00

Usual security instruments as per the Credit Policy of the Bank (mortgage on real estate, pledged equipment, bills of exchange etc.)

For this credit product the required coverage of placements with value of the security shall be lower compared to the standard requirements of the Bank

Contact persons

Ilija Mircevski, Chief Coordinator for Corporate Lending
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-504
Fax: (+389 2) 3247-468
e-mail: ilija.mircevski@kb.com.mk

Elena Spirovska, Manager of Agriculture Lending Department
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-509
e-mail: elena.spirovska@kb.com.mk
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