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Documentary Collections

The Documentary Collection is a payment instrument used in international payment operations. The Bank by order of its client (the seller) delivers the required documents (invoice, transport document etc.) to the bank of the buyer, stating the instructions upon which the documents could be handed over to the buyer. This instrument is usually used when the business partners know each other and already have some degree of mutual trust.


The Documentary Collection is a good instrument for the exporter especially for the maritime transport, considering the characteristics of the Bill of Lading.


Documentary Collection means purchase of the documents by the importer, that are presented through the banks, which enables fast and efficient follow up and payment of the already executed import/export of goods, with simultaneous receipt of all the necessary documents for further manipulation of the goods. The Bank as mediator facilitates synchronization of the payment and the receipt of the documents.

Types of Documentary Collection:

  • D/P – Documents Against Payment or CAD – Cash Against Documents - the documents are handed over to the buyer after the payment;
  • D/A –Documents Against Acceptance - the documents are handed over to the buyer after the acceptance of the Bill of Lading.


This instrument is internationally regulated by the generally accepted Uniform Rules for Collections, Publication 522 issued by ICC in Paris.

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