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Forfaiting is purchasing by discounting the receivables secured with payment bank Guarantees and Letters of Credit with differed payment, that are due for payment on a future date and that arise from delivery of goods and services. With the forfeiting, By facilitating export with differed payment that is 100% financed by the Bank, Your export with differed payment is transformed into a cash transaction and Your product becomes competitive on the world market. Also, the forfeiting enables inflow of liquid funds for continuous production for export.

The Bank primary forfeits receivables of export companies under export Letters of Credit issued in their favor with differed payment clause, where the Bank is an advising Bank.

Discount rate for purchase of claims from clients exporter (forfeiting) to the extent of EURIBOR rate to the closest discounting period for EUR currency or LIBOR rate + 4.0 percentage points shall be applied for all other currencies.

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Aleksandar Sapkarov, Head of Foreign Currency Loans Unit
Phone: (+389 2) 3168-620
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