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Now, any insurance policy necessary for your business may be obtained through Komercijalna Banka without any additional costs and in a simplified procedure.

You get the full service of the insurance companies supplemented with the support of our loan officers who process all the documentation together with you.

With the policies provided in Komercijalna Banka through our experienced partners MAKEDONIJA Insurance s.c. Skopje – Vienna Insurance Group  and Triglav Insurance AD Skopje, you get the highest security and release your business from any risk.

Investment in an insurance policy is a symbolic amount compared to the damage you may suffer in case of unwanted event. The policies are made appropriate to your specific needs, and you get all the conditions and discounts of the insurance companies, free of any additional fees.

Komercijalna Banka may issue you an insurance policy for the property pledged as loan collateral or for any other need for your business:

  • Insurance against fire and other hazards,
  • Insurance of machines from breaking and breakdown,
  • Insurance of goods in transport - cargo insurance,
  • Insurance of receivables against the risk of non-collection,
  • Collective insurance of employees,
  • Burglary and robbery,
  • Insurance of buildings under construction and installation and other types of insurance

Additionally, you can also use non-life insurance policies for individuals.

For any further information on the insurance policies please contact your loan officer or call:
(02) 3168-419, e-mail:

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